So Here's Why We Need 2GB Ram

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pauliedc, Sep 9, 2015.

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    Sep 12, 2014
    I posted this at the end of another thread way at the end but I think it bears repeating:

    We speculate about how much RAM we need or want in these iOS devoces, but here's some data you might find interesting. I have an app that I've used for several years on my iPhone, the name keeps changing because Apple keeps pulling it from the store. Right now it's called Bytes Available but it may have changed. Here's what it does and why Apple keeps pulling it: It simply shows you how all of the running processes and how much RAM is available. There's a secret button that also CLEARS ram and it works amazingly.. I've been using this app for more than 5 years, and no, I don;t work for whoever made it. Anyway, Apple does not want app developers touching the ram or processes for some weird reason. Jobs promised memory management in the first iPhone and that is one promise that was NEVER kept, period. This has fried me for years, they absolutely do not manage memory correctly and often apps get blamed for crashing. SO: I just ran the memory app and I currently have 6.82MB available on my iPhone 6 Plus. Read that again, not a typo. Running I have Mail, Notes, Messages and one webpage in Safari. UNDER 7MB OF RAM AVAILABLE, with just 4 apps going. Really Apple? I have the exact same situation on my iPad Air.

    So here's what happens when ram runs that low: the screen rotation starts to halt or not even work. SIRI dictation into a text message starts to not track or just leave entire words out. A few of my commercial apps (Chase bank, etc) will crash, and Thumb ID just will not read correctly unless you try it 3 or 4 times. This has been consistent since iOS 7 actally. Then I see people complain that apps stink because they crash. Nope, Apple's bad memory management hard at work is the cause. SO, I just now hit the secret button in Bytes Available, waited 15 seconds, and POW, 411.62MB is now available on my iPhone 6 Plus. I should post screenshots. Usually the app clears 300-500MB. Now, everything I mentioned above will start working perfectly again once I have this wonderful secret weapon app clear the mud. When I'm in a store about to use ApplePay, I run the app to clear the barn before I start the checkout procedure. Since doing that my thumb scan works every time.

    I AM SICK AND TIRED of Apple's stinginess with ram. iOS 8 and now 9 absolutely need 2GB ram. BTW, speaking of bad memory management, y'all do know that you have to close all the pages in Safari, or when you flick Safari up to "close" it, all of the webpage content remains in RAM, correct? All the pages must be closed if you really want to quit Safari.

    They'd better put 2GB of RAM in these new devices. I'm aiming for the iPad Pro for audio work... Yikes, GarageBand alone is a RAM monster and I use several audio apps often at once. Apple had better come through.
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    You know that 'filling up' available RAM is how modern-day operating systems work, right?

    For example, open 'Activity Monitor' on your Mac. You'll see almost all of the available memory is marked as 'in use'.

    I get that you're frustrated by the performance, but you're spreading FUD here.
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    This x a million. The ram is there so they use it.
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    You do realise that activity monitor cleared States memory used and cache memory....

    Windows clearly states memory used and free memory . It does not show 100% used.

    Modern OS clearly show memory used..... With a cache that can be utilised .

    The issue the OP is raising that used memory is hitting the 1GB Limit of used...

    Big difference to say OS X where 8GB is broken down to 8.00 total, 4.80 memory used and cache : 3.15 as an example

    You reply is actually more FUD, cause you ignore how windows handle memory management , and last I checked its a modern OS, and how OS X uses cache memory .

    Of course 1GB does not cut it, why do you think Certain features in
    iOS 9 are limited to devices with 2Gb

    Of in doubt and you own a 6plus look in diagnostics and look at the error logs...ones related to memory crashes...

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