SO I want a new retina MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jbrown, Dec 6, 2013.

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    But I want to copy my current HD* exactly as it is ( including it's ML OS - because some of my software that I need won't run on Mavericks ).

    Whats the best way - I assume all new MBP comes with Mavericks as standard.

    So should I wipe the disk - then install ML fresh - them migrate from my old MBP hard drive?

    Does the SSD & retina display require a 'special' version of OS X ( drivers for
    SSD and display for example ).

    Traditional 750GB hard drive, not SSD.
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    The Late 2013 MBP retinas ship with 10.9 Mavericks, so unfortunately you wouldn't be able to run ML natively on it. Usually, this is because the new hardware requires support that isn't available in an earlier version (or, at times, even a build of the same version).

    One solution would be to run a virtualized install of ML, using Parallels version 8, for example. I would think this a temporary use case, as most ML software would eventually be updated for 10.9 compatibility. I would think running ML as a VM would make the most sense, as a MBP is a major investment and I believe in getting the latest and greatest you can afford (and/or is available).

    Otherwise, you might still find the Early 2013 version at a discount (or perhaps refurb).

    The SSD shouldn't require 10.9, as the latest MBA's also have PCI-e and still ship with ML (10.8.4 on a 13" received two days ago). The retina displays on those have been around long enough, that keeping the system updated (even within ML) would catch any bugs and improvements that come along.
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    Get the early 2013 (one before the current) model.

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