Some 1080p content plays jerky...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by thirdeyeopen666, Oct 18, 2010.

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    I've been converting some Blu-Rays to play on my AppleTV2. I'm keeping them at 1080p, knowing that they are being downscaled to 720p. I've been converting the DTS audio tracks to AC3 with good success. All the movies play normally on my Mac. However, all of the ones that I've converted the DTS on play jerkily. Not erratically... the framerate seems to stay the same, it just isn't playing back at the normal rate. I didn't think converting the audio tracks would change the video at all. I've kept the bitrate at 2500 for all my encoding. Any ideas? I realize 1080p isn't supported, but some 1080; content plays absolutely fine... so I'm puzzled.
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    The main reason why it isn't supported s because of what you are experiencing, inconsistent image quality; couple to that the hardware is not suited for that. That and the fact that not many people have Internet speeds that support 1080p video streaming.
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    Yeah, kinda figured. I hate to re-encode all those files at 720p, but I guess thats the only option. Thanks for the response. :)
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    my desktop has been running nonstop for a couple weeks now. anydvd+clownbd->handbrake->metax->itunes. while i can see the difference btw blu-rays and the converted files, i am very happy with the picture quality. i'm using the apple tv for everyday viewing and i'll throw in a blu-ray with the 1080p and full bit rate and hd audio for a "movie night" when i will sit down and really enjoy a movie instead of casual viewing.
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    Many users are experiencing the behavior (or perhaps very similar behavior) you are experiencing with content encoded for 720p as well. (The content appears to freeze or stutter for a second. Not related to graphically intense scenes.)

    Also, some ITunes Store HD rentals have been reported as playing back like this.

    There are a series of bugs with the new Apple TV that need to be addressed.

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