Some tips to save storage?


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Nov 4, 2014
I have a 64 go iPhone so I don't have to deal with a lack of space on my main apple device. However my iPad Air is 16go and for the next one I will definitively go with a 64go too.
However I understand that not everybody can afford that ... Or neither upgrade when a new device comes out
The way I deal with the iPad is everything on the cloud .... Pictures (Google photos, Dropbox,..) music (Google music) , office 365 for work and of course minimal numbers of applications installed.
Thinking about expanding memory on the Samsung Galaxy S7, I remembered If have seen something similar for the iPhone/ipad but with the lightning port, a kind of USB flash drive that allow you to stock media on it without a wifi network, but I have never tried. Scandisk does it (Iexpand) but I'm sure you can find other less expensive brands.

Also consider looking at this
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Jan 25, 2016
I'll move some of my media to my iPad which is 64GB but my important things, I'm going to keep on my iPhone.