Sony A7RIII Silent Mode?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by bladerunner88, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Hi, I am looking for some help in setting up and or information on wether or not the A7RIII can be set up to shoot in complete silence. I work on TV Sets and any kind of noise is not an option. i have turned silent shooting on, but there still seems to be a feint district click when I press the shutter. I could swear at some point during my testing yesterday I had achieved silence but then I either turned something else on (or off) in the menus and have not been able to replicate since.

    Any thoughts or advise welcome.

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    Bumping this up for you...
    I understand from a little Googling that it is possible and works completely, but can't seem to find the settings required.
    Hopefully someone with a bit more Sony experience will chip in ;)

    Cheers :)

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    Thanks for the Intel.
    Am currently using a Vello Nikon F to Sony E Adapter, and when am at f1.4 the camera makes no noise - apparently because the lens is already wide open so no moving Aperture Blades. I've been told that with native Sony lenses the A7R3 will be a lot quieter , so thats my next step to get ahold of some Sony Primes to test.
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    Hi, My A7Rii when set to silent mode did make a really quiet click sound. I had Audio Signals turned off so no focus acquisition beep or anything. The click I think was the AF focusing the lens. I had Setting Effects turned off on mine for battery life.

    Have you got the EVF set to display Setting Effects (Gear menu page 3)? i.e. is it set to on where it shows more of a WYSIWYG image in the EVF? Reason is that that changes the lens AF behaviour. Also pre-AF or continuous AF

    If they are on, the lens will stop down and move the focus etc all the time. If it is off, it operates more like a DSLR where it leaves the aperture open and when you push the shutter it stops it down for the image.

    In the former situation, it will be clicking away all the time and when you press the shutter it will likely be silent because it has already done its lens adjustments.

    If the latter, then you are hearing it as it stops down immediately before taking the image.

    Don't know if this makes any sense but are a couple things to check.

    Also, there was a faint click when you put your eye to the viewfinder, when it switches from screen to EVF. No idea why or if it still does it in Mark III.

    @kallisti, possibly a test for you to do a side by side with a Sony lens?
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    Yes you can, I use it on my Sony a7riii. It's amazing!
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    I can confirm that it is completely silent (tested it with the Sony 100-400mm GM lens). No sound with acquiring focus via AF and no sound on shutter release. Was kind of an eery experience, since the only way I knew it was taking the pic was by seeing the writing to memory card display in the EVF (this is a display option that I have turned on for just such a case as this).

    The only setting you need to change is the "silent mode" setting (camera menu 2, top choice). I actually moved this into the "my menu" as it's not something I normally use, but don't want to hunt for it if I do need it.
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    I have same problem but in a bit different setup. Also a bit different camera the 7RM2 but I think the solution I found can maybe help. I use an A-Mount on the camera, adapted by Sony's La-EA3 and it should be possible to use Silent shooting that I put on the down arrow for instant use. --- Try set the camera shutter to over 1/500 sec. That helped for me. Under 1/500 there are a very slight click, but loud enough for the camera microphones. It disapear over 1/500 to make it easy to adjust, I then use "S" -- Shutter Priority.

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