SPAM Services? Both Filter and Verification?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by arn, Nov 8, 2006.

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    I get a lot of spam.... I have a lot of email addresses "out there".

    I was using Apple's Mail client spam filter for a while, but it wasn't quite working for me. Then, I've been using SpamSieve - which I was happy with at first... but it comes down to the same problem...

    I have to filter through my SPAM box and make sure no false-positives got through. And that's a lot of time to deal with the thousands of spam messages I get.

    Here's my ideal solution, however... and I don't know if it exists.

    Intelligent filtering... just like Mail or SpamSieve... keep good emails, but instead of sending "spam" emails into a box I have to sift through... send spam messages an authentication reply... the way SpamArrest does. That way, even if a legitimate email gets spam-filtered, then the sender gets a reply saying that I didn't get the email unless they click on a link.

    Anyone know if this is available?

    The problem with SpamArrest in its current form is that I don't want _everyone_ that sends me an email to have to do the SpamArrest filtering thing.

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