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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Apps' started by dkun0457, May 25, 2016.

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    May 25, 2016
    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone can help me find a timer app. I am in need of a specific, countdown timer to help me keep track of time when i am conducting therapy sessions. The countdown timer needs to have the following features:

    - be able to set a single timer but watch alerts (with haptics) at preset times before reaching end of timer. for example i would set it for 60min but I also set it to alert me at 45min and 50min.

    - haptic alerts have to vibrate differently to other alerts such as a text message so that I can tell them apart without having to look at the watch.

    - watch face compilation compatible

    If anyone knows any I would be very greatful. I am happy to pay a decent amount for the app.
    All countdown timer apps seem to either only allow you to set one alert time or do not alert you at each stage or the alerts are just a single haptic buzz which is not decernable from regular buzzes.


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    If I recall correctly, Apple doesn't presently allow developers to perform their own haptics in the background. I think this would limit the ability to have a special haptic like you are looking for.
  3. rockyromero, Jun 12, 2016
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    I use Intervals for workouts.

    The flexibility and diversity of uses is better than most that I have used.

    This is a great idea for my coaching sessions.

    It does have 3 timers that can cycle continuously. They are named as warmup, work, recovery and can be set for the times that you mentioned.


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