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  1. O

    Siri can't set timer anymore

    Siri can't set a timer for me (or set an alarm clock). He/she just replies "working on it" and then "something went wrong". This was working earlier but not anymore. Siri can still tell me what the weather is or else. However timer is the one thing I use Siri for the most (only I would say)...
  2. G

    Universal Interval Timer: HIIT Workout

    Hi, take a look at app. This app is handy interval timer that helps you keep track of your work and rest periods during your HIIT interval training and workouts. The application is very easy to use, enter the Work, Rest, Sets, Rounds and start workout. You can listen to music during workouts or...
  3. jagooch

    What is a good menu bar event countdown timer app?

    There are certain events where I would like to know, at a glance, how many days from the current date until the event. I don’t need to know anything more granular than the number of days for my purposes, but it’s fine if it has the hours and/hour minutes as well. Think of events like an...
  4. wozmatic

    BUG: Stopwatch / Timer are dependent on time of day clock. Therefore changing the time will affect your timer.

    If the clock changes the time of day, manually or daylight savings time, it will affect your stopwatch / timer. So if your clock is set to 1:00pm and you start a stopwatch, then after 1 minute you change the time to 1:30pm, your stopwatch will say 30 min, instead it should be 1 minute. Same...
  5. antbob

    Apps Public beta: O'Time calendar app

    Hey guys! Since there are so many passionate Watch enthusiasts on this forum I figured I give it a shot. Looking to beta test my new app which I originally wrote for myself as little Apple Watch coding project but then I thought others might find it useful so after quite a bit of cleaning and...
  6. M

    Sleep/shutdown/mute timer for Mac: iWannaSleep 2.0

    Some of you may still remember my little sleep/mute/shutdown/... timer for Mac "iWannaSleep", which I wrote and released topping 16 years ago. Much to my surprise, it was included on many Shareware-CDs of Mac magazines from all around the globe (hey, the internet was not available / affordable...
  7. matovsky

    Universal Roman - budget weight loss

    FEATURES: ・Minimalistic with the highest information value of the application. ・Weight loss calculator: Individual Meal Plan for men and women. Just enter your body weight — you get a detailed meal plan for every day. ・Control the process of losing weight. ・Achievements and Awards. ・Convenient...
  8. W

    iPhone EveryTime - a multiple sequential timer

    Hello. Thought I'd mention my recent update I released a day ago of my app EveryTime with the latest update bringing UI changes and Full Screen Mode. The app is a parallel/sequential multi timer. It's great if you'd like to keep track of a series of tasks. Each series is a Recipe and each...
  9. DominikHoffmann

    HomeKit Can I schedule my Christmas decoration lights

    I don’t have a HomeKit device, yet, other than an Apple TV 4. I am wondering, though, if I get HomeKit enabled power outlets (some of which require a separate hub, I am aware), will I be able to set a schedule my Christmas lights to go on and off at specified times? I am eying the IKEA Trådfri...
  10. F

    MinuteBar - A minimal timer for productivity and screen sharing.

    Hi, I'd like to share a side project that turned into an app: MinuteBar is a simple, effective timer that is designed to always be reachable while taking very little screen estate. I initially built it for myself for running remote meetings using screen sharing. App store link...
  11. mcoct

    New Mac app: Flexible Timers (Customizable stopwatches)

    Free til end of the month!
  12. baryon

    How do I tell my Mac when to go to sleep?

    I want to be able to tell the computer to: Turn the display off after 5 minutes of inactivity, and make the computer sleep after 2 hours of inactivity. Is that too much to ask for? Like we used to be able to in whatever OS X version still had this incredible generous feature. There used to...
  13. dk001

    Timer Alarm last forever

    This maybe already somewhere but I didn't find it. iOS 10.2.1 Set the timer on my clock (10 minutes) and got caught up in the garage. Cam back in about 45 minutes later and found the timer alarm had been going off continuously for the last 35 minutes plus. Is there any way to have it...
  14. dkun0457

    Apps Specific Timer App

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me find a timer app. I am in need of a specific, countdown timer to help me keep track of time when i am conducting therapy sessions. The countdown timer needs to have the following features: - be able to set a single timer but watch alerts (with...
  15. BEugene

    Universal Resources for Clash of Clans (by Sergey Astakhov)

    Resources for Clash of Clans Sergey Astakhov Genres: Reference Utilities Free For all those who are just starting their way of the warrior, and for those who have already gained some experience in the battles of "Clash of Clans," we are delighted to present what can change your understanding...
  16. M

    Universal [FREE] Selfie Stream - Real Time Photo Filters, Shape overlays effects

    Get the only Selfie camera and picture editor you will ever need. Choose between Single or Continuous photo capture and get ready for some awesome pics! Selfie Stream gives you the control you need to get that perfect pose. Features: ▶ Designers Artwork Shapes! ◆NEW◆ ▶ Real Time Filters! ◆NEW◆...
  17. BEugene

    Universal Reminder & Countdown free (by Sergey Astakhov)

    iTunes link: Genres: Productivity Utilities Free Enjoying to make long-term plans but you are afraid not to make the conceived? Or you have already tired of listening tirades about “how you could forget about feeding a cat /...
  18. BEugene

    Universal MultiTimer - Free Fast Multiple Countdown Timer with Alarms

    MultiTimer - Free Fast Multiple Countdown Timer with Alarms [Updated] Genres: Utilities Lifestyle Free Whether we are timing the perfect cup of coffee or counting down to the next break; whether we like it or not, but points of time's relentless progress cannot be stopped. And the least we can...
  19. A

    iPod Is there a way to make music automatically play at a certain time

    I want to set christmas music outside with my lights and want to make my ipod play every night from 6-9pm is there a way I can get it to start playing at 6 if im not home to manually press play? I've tried alarms but then the music keeps playing I wont be able to turn off the alarm when im not home?