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Mar 10, 2021
Hello MacRumors

I am the Developer of sphereSaver which is an auto Filesaver for Office, iWork and Adobe. Yes it works even with your NAS.

How it works? It looks into your Applications folder and already knows what you have installed and will grey out non active application, then you can create your own timer cycle for every application you want to activate.

After you activated it you will see it saving automatically to the location from where you have opened it. Didn't save the file before? Don't worry it will just give you the saving Interface.

You are an IT-Guy of a Business? Don't worry we got you covered, we have tested this with those known cases of Users already and it works great thanks to the autostart function of it. If it was activated before the restart of the computer and the open on login function was also activated then it will not only start the app but also activate the autosave timers. No Admin privileges needed.

Day/Night Mode compatible.

Where can you find it?
The Application can be found on the AppStore: Click Here

Down bellow you can find some pictures

Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.
Best regards

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