Sport Band **QUALITY** Wear issue

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by fullfast, May 14, 2015.

  1. fullfast macrumors regular

    Mar 24, 2010
    Absolutely love the fit of my SS BSB watch but have noticed that around where the stainless strap connector is, the Matte Black finish is rubbing off where it is rubbing on the underside of the other part of the strap....

    Was wondering if anybody else had experienced this..?
  2. 1finite macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2010
    It's happening to me, but since I can't see it unless I take off the watch, it doesn't bother me. That area will obviously experience a lot of friction.
  3. GrumpyMom macrumors 603


    Sep 11, 2014
    That's normal for the black sport band. What's not normal is if the finish starts peeling. Which so far as I've been able to determine from forum posts is a problem with a batch of black Aluminum Sport watch bands. The wear will plateau and not get much worse anytime soon.
  4. Hankkk macrumors regular

    Mar 3, 2015
    I noticed this as well. After one day of wearing the Apple Watch it already starts to peel off. This is a joke and definitely not what I expected from Apple. I will contact the support and probably return my Apple Watch if there's no solution for this problem. I know this won't matter to many but I'm a perfectionist and I know it would bother me too much, especially considering this is mainly meant to be a fashion accesorry :(
  5. GoofyCyborg macrumors member

    Sep 23, 2013
    Wales, UK
    Why do people say it's normal?

    It's not normal at all! Considering the price people are paying out for these things you should expect better from an apple device.

    I have been wearing watches for years, some cheap, some not so cheap, and none of the straps have shown any wear as described in this (and other) threads.
  6. cruzmisl macrumors regular

    Nov 10, 2012
    Sorry but this is normal. It happens with the white too.
  7. GoofyCyborg macrumors member

    Sep 23, 2013
    Wales, UK
    Just because it happens on both straps does not make it normal. :rolleyes:

    They must be using some poor material to mass produce the straps allowing for a lower production cost while still charging the end user heaps of cash for the things.

    If you get signs of wear and tear so soon I wonder how bad it will look in a years time.
  8. 1finite, May 14, 2015
    Last edited: May 14, 2015

    1finite macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2010
    If the OP is talking about the little spot of wear that happens where the band rubs against itself, it's normal. Rubber does that under friction, even on expensive dive watches. It also happens on the side that tucks under.

    If the band is peeling, that's an actual defect and Apple will give you a replacement.

  9. nathanalf macrumors regular


    Mar 13, 2014
    Mine started with the 'grease' marks, where it looked shiny in some spots (generally underneath the band where it lays on itself) but then started peeling (as mentioned and shown in other threads). I contacted Apple, and they put me in touch with an 'iOS Senior Advisor' who was very patient with this situation. He mentioned that he had ordered an Apple Watch and couldn't wait until it arrived. I told him what was happening and he immediately offered to send out a new BSB to me at no charge, and never mentioned anything about sending in the defective one.

    The strap got here a couple of days ago, but I wanted to keep using this 'defective' band until it got worse. Since then it started peeling in 4-5 different areas all over the top and bottom of the band, and I finally switched it out because it was getting pretty noticeable. Here's hoping that this one is fine #
  10. spiderman0616 macrumors 68040


    Aug 1, 2010
    I worked out with my black sport band countless times now, and I sweat a LOT. I usually rinse my watch off first thing when I'm done--it gets pretty gross.

    So far I've had no peeling or wearing on the band other than where the contact points are. This is consistent with every other non-metal band I've ever owned. Bands take a beating.
  11. Hankkk macrumors regular

    Mar 3, 2015
    It is not acceptable at all. Apple claims to sell premium products. And these bands clearly don't live up to this promise if you ask me.

    I don't expect their products to stay flawless forever and I know there's always gonna be some wear as time passes by, but it's not acceptable after just a day.
  12. bluecow macrumors regular

    Apr 23, 2015
    Seems par for the course for a rubber/silicon band. It is happening to me and I never thought twice about it. Any discoloring of the band from the friction with the clasp is underneath and not visible when the watch is on. Keep in mind the watch is $300-$500, but the sports band is $50. Too high, of course, but I hardly expect perfection from that as I don't with their phone cases.
  13. bluecow macrumors regular

    Apr 23, 2015
    This is purely out of curiosity. Have you worn a watch with a rubber/silicon band before?
  14. foxkoneko macrumors 6502

    Sep 5, 2011
    he obviously hasnt or he wouldnt be bitchin :rolleyes:
  15. RRuxin macrumors member

    Apr 28, 2015
    While I'm hardly an Apple apologist, I have to say, the band itself is hardly expensive. I bought a sport band for my AW for working out and it was $70. I don't exactly expect much from it.
  16. modernaccord macrumors 6502a

    Apr 20, 2015
    Seattle, WA region
    My BSB also started to wear big time where the band found contact with my arm. Nothing major, just what I noticed. I just got a leather loop in the mail yesterday and really don't like the feel. Switching to classic buckle...way better imho.
  17. Hankkk macrumors regular

    Mar 3, 2015
    Yeah, I actually have.

    As I said, I know it's normal that a device that you wear everyday won't stay in flawless condition forever but I don't think that should be the case after wearing it for a few hours.


    I am not bitching. I'm just saying that I have certain expectations towards a product that is marketed as a premium product.


    Yeah, because 70$ isn't much for a rubber band :rolleyes:
  18. bluecow macrumors regular

    Apr 23, 2015

    The sports band is their cheapest band. From chargers to phone cases, to dongles, Apple's accessory line is absolutely overpriced, no argument there. But as with ipad and phone cases, there are base and premium accessories. The sport band is the base accessory, so I would argue that Apple isn't selling this as a premium product, they are selling it as a functional product.

    Obviously, everyone has different tolerance as to what's acceptable, so certainly nothing I say is meant to convince you otherwise...but when I've had previous watches I've noted some markings within the first day...just seems par for the course
  19. foxkoneko macrumors 6502

    Sep 5, 2011
    you've bought into the apple marketing, honestly this sports band is hardly premium.
    Want prem? buy an actual prem band not the cheap $50 one :rolleyes:
  20. MasterRyu2011 macrumors 65816

    Aug 22, 2014
    All things wear and tear, regardless of how premium things are. You can buy a highend BMW with leather seats and a Honda Civic with leather seats. The BMW leather will take just as a much a beating the Civic leather.
  21. Defender2010 macrumors 68030


    Jun 6, 2010

    Please let us know how the new one stands up please.
  22. zmunkz macrumors 6502a


    Nov 4, 2007
    I can believe all the people defending this. Even a ****** product should not wear in 1 day! This seems crazy to me under normal use.
  23. bluecow macrumors regular

    Apr 23, 2015
    I think that's the key though. To me, wear would be peeling or splitting rubber, where as some smooth spots where a friction point occurs is expected from any rubber product.

    My leather watch bands typically show some basic wear in 1 day. Little kinks in the leather where the clasp hits.

    I get that people don't find it personally acceptable that's their cause. But I'm not getting the whole idea that the cheapest of 10 bands available is supposed to be a piece of perfection simply because Apple makes it.

    Is this wear happening in visible spots on your watch? On mine, it is all on the under side.
  24. foxkoneko macrumors 6502

    Sep 5, 2011
    it's all these people who've never had a watch so they dont know what to expect. Dont' want the rubbers rubbing against each other? just dont wear it :rolleyes:
  25. CalMin macrumors 6502a


    Nov 8, 2007
    I've been fortunate enough to have some nice watches including two Tag Heuers. One of them cost $4.5k and came with a leather strap that showed signs of wear just 3-months in. I complained to the jeweler and then to Tag with no joy. Bands are considered a wear item - sort of like tires on a car.

    I think that's a crock, but all the major watch makers adhere to this rule. My wife also had this on her Bvlgari watch and no replacement there either, so I've come to expect it. It's in the warranty small print.

    That said a few days for Apple watch is not acceptable. Mine is showing minor wear and I'll be keeping an eye on it. Nothing like the OP, but still worth paying attention too.

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