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Apr 12, 2001

Spotify has started publicly testing an Instagram-style stories feature in its mobile app on iOS and Android, reports Engadget.


The video clips appear on some albums and playlists, such as Spotify's Christmas Hits playlist, which includes short messages from artists like Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, and Pentatonix, in which they relate their favorite festive songs.

The stories can be accessed via an icon in the upper left of a playlist. Tapping an icon brings up an interface similar to the one found on Instagram, allowing users to tap on the left or right of the screen to skip through short video clips.

First appearing on Snapchat, stories have become ubiquitous on social media platforms, with the format appearing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and most recently, Twitter, in the form of "fleets." Spotify might therefore seem like an odd place for the feature to appear, however the streaming service has tested Stories-style content in the past, with similar Storylines from artists appearing last year.

Spotify stories aren't showing up for everyone and only appear on certain playlists and albums, indicating that their rollout is still limited to a subset of users and they may not even survive beyond the initial testing phase.

"At Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience," a spokesperson told Engadget in response to a request for comment. "Some of those tests end up paving the path for our broader user experience and others serve only as an important learning. We have no further news to share on future plans at this time."

Article Link: Spotify Tests Instagram-Style Stories in Mobile App


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Oct 20, 2007
Hope Apple Music don't follow suit. Enough with the social media madness!

Eek! Agreed.

My access to social media is limited to avoiding (and failing in this case) articles about social media. Unless you consider random, bland and boring forum posts like this social media.

Don't panic, I'm not one of those smug quit-Insta/FB-like-me-and-reap-the-rewards people. I was never on them in the first place :D


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Nov 5, 2002
Boston, MA
Left instagram cuz they kept jamming stories in my feed.

Won't be a problem cancelling Spotify over this, if you can't disable it.


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Jun 22, 2010
Finally, now high schoolers can get mad at their boy/girlfriends for not checking all 500 of their social media stories.


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Feb 5, 2011
Please may I have lossless streaming instead?

The nanosecond Quobuz or Tidal create a Spotify Connect equivalent so I can use their native app with streaming devices I will leave Spotify.

As it stands, even the best implementations of their Apps within streaming devices (see Bluesound) absolutely suck.
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Aug 29, 2018
So let me get this straight: They're seemingly forgotten about every other social aspect (still no Friend Activity on mobile, anyone??) of the app, but they're focusing their efforts on creating yet another Stories feature? wth 😅
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Jul 27, 2012
WNY or Utica
Wow. I didn't think I was paying $15 a month for their R&D to produce this. The UI/UX could still use improvements, there are many features requested by their users for years that are still not implemented. But somehow "stories" are more important.

I want to hope it's a fad.
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