SSD pinwheeling every 10-12 mins!

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by crashwins, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Ugh, just installed an intel SSD and put my other HD (Mac Mini A1283) where the superdrive was (thereby making the SSD my primary OS HD and the IDE drive for storage). But, every 10-12 mins I get the pinwheel freeze and it takes like 45 seconds to resolve. It's an unreal pain in the a$$. Anyone have experience with this? I'd love to keep the SSD as my primary drive as I do A LOT with photoshop and lightroom and it's very quick for this. Thanks!
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    yeah you have a sata III ssd you need an older model.

    is this your model mini a 2009

    the a1283 is not the best way to name the model.

    you mention that it had an ide connection for the optical adapter.

    that means you have a 2008 or 2007 model that one uses an ide dvd player.

    that model does not like sata III ssds .

    the connection is most likely sata 1 not sata 2

    I am certain that it is not sata 3. what happens is the ssd is simply too fast for the connection.

    here is a screen shot of a 2011 mac mini with a sata iii ssd. note the connection speed is 6 gigabit or sata III

    I no longer have your model but I have a 2010 model wait a minute and i will screen shot it. the second and third shots show my 2010 mac mini sata connection speeds one is with a samsung sata ii and the other is with the dvd.

    the samsung is connected at sata ii speed or 3 gigs the dvd is connected at sata i or 1.5 gigs. I am certain that your connections are not sata III they are sata II or sata I or one of each. If you have a sata III ssd many don't like those slower connections.

    The fix is do not use that ssd in that mini (not kidding) = not always true but often true.

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    Ugh, that totally sucks..Yeah, I knew it was a SATA3 going in - my understanding was that it would just slow it down for the SATA2 connection speeds. I may just have to put it as the backup drive and store Photoshop and Lightroom on it -- maybe it won't be such a nuisance if it's not the primary drive. AH! Thanks for the thoughts

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