SSD setup and performance in WIN 8.1/10

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MikkelAD, May 11, 2018.

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    Finally on the road to make everything work on my Mac Pro 5.1 in windows 8.1 at the moment.

    One thing that is different is of course that you have to install separate SSD drivers compared to OS X.

    I got two samsung 850 evo's in my system OS X formatted as HFS+

    In terms of setup I learned that "TRIM" is pretty important and that you have to manually turn it on in OS X and WIN so that is accomplished.

    I installed "Samsung Magician" and to my surprise new options showed :)


    What are your opinions on "AHCI Mode" and "RAPID Mode" ? ? ?

    - Are these two functions enabled by default in OS X ? ? ?
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    good question !

    I have only tried Win 7 and Win 10

    I thought Windows 8 was EOL this year and I got a note the other day that even Everquest was dropping support for Win 8
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    AHCI is enabled in macOS, but not RAPID mode.

    RAPID mode is a very software thing, using RAM to speed up the read / write. Basically means when you write, write to the RAM first, and then the software write the data to the SSD later.

    And the software will also stored some SSD data in the RAM, so when you read those files, you are reading from the RAM.

    Of course it will be way faster than SSD. However, this is a very benchmarking orientated software. In real world, 1st read won't speed up anything. Writing into the RAM but not SSD may cause permanent data corruption if you back luck enough to have power failure / system hang before the data successfully write into the SSD.

    I still turn ON RAPID mode because I have plenty of RAM, and I only use Windows for gaming anyway. Faster 2nd read still good.

    Anyway, AHCI should be able to enabled in Windows as well. But if you didn't feel any performance issue. Better not to touch the system files just to make it look better. The most important one is just TRIM, and you got it enabled already.
    AHCI activated.JPG
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    With RAPID mode ON. You will see something like this in benchmark. Way faster than a normal SATA SSD can do. But this is not real. The RAPID mode fool the benchmarks.
    840 Evo 2.JPG

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