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    I'm a confused little boy.. I've just finally set up a VNC app on my new ipod touch so I can remote desktop to my computer from anywhere. However, I keep reading about this mysterious ssh and how dangerous it is not to use this elusive beast. But then when I look into it, everything seems to only log you in to the computer's terminal.. Can you have it both ways (ssh w/ screen sharing)?

    As of now I have "Remote Login" checked along with "Remote Management" in my 'Sharing' preferences. I notice something about ssh in the Remote Login subsection but I haven't used the information given there and I still am able to login with no problems.
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    Jan 24, 2004
    The ssh is a secure way of connecting to another machine via a terminal, and possibly opening new windows in the X11 windowing system, if you use ssh through X11 instead of through the terminal.

    The screen sharing, on the other hand, allows a user to see the entire contents of another machine, as if they were directly sitting at the computer, i.e., you get the GUI and everything.

    I could probably explain this better, but that's the basic idea....
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