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Nov 14, 2007
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Background info: I own an Stainless Steel S2 42mm AW.

My current situation: I love the look and feel of my SS AW; very durable. I wouldn't be upgrading right now, but an unfortunate incident regarding handling requires me to. I am looking at the Space Gray SS S4. I love how it looks. My current issue is that my current S2 has several micro scratches that are noticeable only under certain light conditions and/or if you go actually looking for them. I want a SS Space Black, but I already know how a Silver SS behaves.

Just wondering how the Space Black look and feel holds up to those micro scratches that can occur during day-to-day usage. How visible are the scratches or dings that can happen?

Any feedback from current S4 or S3 owners of SS Space Gray is appreciated. As a side note, not sure on whether to get 44 or 40mm. As I am a current 42mm, going either way isn't a big jump.


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Jan 28, 2013
Spaceblack will last way better than SS Silver. I wore mine everyday and at work I unloaded 53 foot trucks did work on my my motorcycle at home ran into doors walls and bumped it on my desk ect. Looked just like it did when I got it. I had one small nick on the case but it didn’t actually go through the black coating. You could not see it like the regular SS unless you stuck your face up to it. No micro scratches will pop up like the SS. Just be careful if you have the Milanese loop don’t let it touch the watch case because it will cause micro scratches.From owning both the SS and SS SB. I was happier with SB as I felt like I didn’t have to baby it I was able to really enjoy it.


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Apr 24, 2015
Lancs, UK
Here’s a video of my launch-day Series 0 in Space Black (Space Grey is the Alu Watch btw):

It has been worn every day for three years, first by me then by my dad. As you can see when the sunlight runs down the side of the body, it’s still functionally perfect.

The DLC isn’t invulnerable, but it’s pretty amazing.


Jul 12, 2016
I Only have used my space black 44 mm for a week now, and I don’t have any issues with it so far in terms of durability. The previous versions of the space black Apple Watch I have owned was sold in mint condition with no concerns of damage to the diamond like carbon coating at all on the casing. And the Sapphire display has always been promising for me, I recommend this model, if one is more particular about not seeing scratches or damage.
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