Static on Speakers connected to MBP via Headphone Jack


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Nov 9, 2009
I'm using a 15' Mid-2012 Macbook Pro (macOS Sierra 10.12.4) connected via the headphone port on the MBP to the back of my Logitech z906 Subwoofer's RCA Input. Been using this setup for over 4 years without any issues, but then suddenly today there is a huge amount of static as soon as i play any sort of audio on the MBP

When i connect the speakers with the same RCA jack to my iPhone and play music there is no static on the sound system. This leaves me to think that the issue is with the MBP.

What's odd is that when i connect my headphones to the headphone jack on the MBP and play audio the static is sometimes there and sometimes not.

The MBP is well out of warranty so i just wanted to get an idea what could be the issue and/or things i can try before taking it into the apple store. Would appreciate any advice, thank you.


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Jan 8, 2017
Sorry my links kept messing up...I bought it a few days ago, but yea if you can't see the link, just amazon that product
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Sep 20, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT
the amazon link might be the best option. Otherwise you might have to tear down the machine to find a single metal file the size of a shaving that MIGHT have gotten caught under the MLB. use the isolator. save the head ache.