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    It was such a beautiful building, and Steve worked so hard to make it a reality. Realising he will never experience the beauty of the 'mothership' bring tears to my eyes; something news reports and ignorant comments have failed to do. I never met Steve, never even caught the slightest glimpse of him. But I have the privilege connect to him through his inventions, his legacy. Thank you Steve, I will always remember you, and I will always remember staying up through the night just to hear the sound of your voice live.

    Rest in peace, sweet prince.
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    Since you're on the subject and most importantly ...
    he'll also never see his kids grow up, marry, have children, etc. That somehow outweighs a building, pretty as it is.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    Well, Steve was a Buddhist--and part of that tradition is reincarnation so who knows? Perhaps somewhere in the world a very smart, driven child is being born. :)
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    But he/she will not be Steve Jobs. He/she will be someone else, contributing to the world in his/her own way, not necessarily in the field of consumer electronics.
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    That's my understanding as well--and if reincarnation does in fact exist that's the way it should be.
  7. applefan289, Oct 6, 2011
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    I have to believe it does not exist. There's the substance and the modes. Everything that you can see, touch, etc. is a "mode" of that substance. When a mode is no longer here (e.g. death), it deteriorates into other modes (transfer of heat/energy). But the main core of everything is "substance". You are a mode of this substance. Just like atoms are a mode. Everything in the universe is a mode, and the underlying thing is substance. The fact that something is a mode means that it is subject to change and influence by other modes. Modes never last forever, but the substance itself does.

    Everything is a "cause-and-effect" situation. Everything has a cause, except the substance itself.

    Then there's the mental aspect. Every mode has a mental aspect. By mental, I do not mean "to think", I mean a mental aspect in the sense that all modes have to exert some kind of "form", hence they have a mental aspect. There are an infinite number of "aspects".

    Another idea for the mental aspect is that there's the physical and the mental of particular modes, like humans, for example. There's the bare physical aspect (substance, modes, etc.) and then there's the mental aspect that gives connections to the brain. Without this mental aspect everything would just be physical and you would not experience anything.

    But I don't think that's the idea of it. The idea is that all modes exert some sort of form, so that means they have a mental aspect if they are a mode.

    It's very hard to explain, but this is what I believe.
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    Bemalte Blumen duften nicht.
    What. :p


    Steve Jobs left a legacy. This building is apart of it. But as others have stated it is just a building. I would believe there is greater loss in that he left a family behind rather than a steel and glass structure.

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