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    Hi Forum, my son got his airpods 2. generation stolen in school, now after 2 weeks, suddenly his iphone Connects with airpods from one of his classmates, the airpod name is of the clasmate though, question: does my sons Iphone automaticaly connects with his old airpods even though they now appear with another name?
    I hope you get my pointe
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    He stole it.

    The AirPods were paired with your son's iPhone. If your son didn't "forget" the device, it'll reconnect to it when it's near.
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    Sounds like you found the thief. They’d only connect automatically to your son’s phone if they were still linked to his iCloud account. I’m assuming the classmate who stole them didn’t reset the AirPods but just renamed them and paired them manually to their phone. Does the original box that the AirPods came in have the serial number listed on the back? Because the AirPods will have the serial number under the lid of the case and you could check if they match.
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    Can’t he still use the find my iPhone app and make them ring?

    That would be proof enough to go to the teacher and get them confiscated and checked.

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