Strange Apple Pay issue - card declined


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Aug 1, 2013
St. Augustine, FL
At Walgreen's I started having to sign for purchases. (last 2) Initially when I used Apple Pay there I did not have to do that. Don't know what happened.


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Jun 4, 2015
I'll try to keep this brief (probably won't be successful).

I successfully registered my Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card (VISA) with Apple Pay. I've attempted to use it at two merchants: a vending machine at work that has an NFC reader, and Macy's (which is listed on Apple's site as an Apple Pay partner).

At both locations, my card was declined. I called Bank of America, who confirmed that the card was successfully registered with Apple Pay. The card works just fine when I swipe the card itself, and it shows as being active in their system for Apple Pay use.

I called Apple, who also said everything looks fine on their end.

Called Bank of America again, and eventually got transferred to someone in the Fraud department who said everything on the account looked fine, but that the transactions had been declined by Visa/Mastercard.

After that, he transferred me back to the BoA Apple Pay department, who suggested I try restarting the phone (didn't help), or going to a different merchant (haven't been able to yet).

Can anyone offer some insight?


My apple watch order got declined, I called the bank they had no idea. The details were "transaction not allowed at this location" I ended up changing my address to ALL CAPS and PROBLEM SOLVED. Give this a try. Good luck


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Apr 13, 2017
I have read that some people are having trouble because in their Apple Pay card settings their billing address has "Avenue" spelled out but their bank abbreviates it to "Ave". Not sure if that is why you are being declined or not.

I got the idea when someone said something about billing address. I was trying to send a starbucks gift card because of the promo they are running right now, if you send someone a $5 gift card via iMessage, you will get $5 back. I set up Apple pay specifically for this and all of my cards were being declined. (I even called Apple iTunes support, they had no idea that you could even send a gift card via iMessage!)

I went into Billing address and there were two for my home and one for my work. I deleted the extra Home and the Work address and it worked!


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Oct 15, 2018
Los Angeles
I know im late but I stumbled upon this today because i too am having the decline thing now except im using my apple pay cash balance and this vending machine worked before but all of a sudden it doesnt and i have an iphone 6 with $12.75 balance yet a $2.50 transaction was declined and apple has no answers for me
A quick update - my colleague has an iPhone 6 and was successfully able to make a purchase at the vending machine that has repeated declined me.

So, it does seem to be a specific issue with me/my phone/my card. :(

Charlotte M Grover

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Jan 11, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA
I had something similar happen to me at 7-11. I tried to use Apple Pay and my phone recognized the terminal and scanned my fingerprint, but the terminal simply said "Declined" I tried again with the real card and it went through without a problem.

From looking at other threads, it looks like the problem in my case was simply that 7-11 doesn't accept NFC payments... apparently they have it disabled on their end, but I thought that it was interesting that the terminal and my phone still were able to sync and attempt to process the payment.

My initial thought was that something similar happened to you... perhaps the vending machine had an NCF reader, but the owner had disabled it, but I certainly wouldn't expect you to see the same thing at Macy's, which is an Apple Pay partner.
I am in Pittsburgh, PA and two different cards from my apple wallet was declined at 7-11...