Strange Keyboard problem (disabling in terminal)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by andyo1, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Oct 29, 2015

    After reading this thread;

    ..which was incredibly helpful, I have noticed a confusing anomaly with my keyboard.

    Full info:
    - Liquid spill on 13" macbook pro late 2011
    - Replaced the keyboard, as it had stopped working (was outputting strange symbols, and the power button stopped working)
    - After full clean of logic board (isopropyl), and reassembling, computer started in "safe mode". Keyboard still acting strange (symbols), and i noticed the SHIFT key must be stuck or something, as it kept booting in safe mode, and was selecting any text / files i grabbed.
    - I left for a few more days, and it now boots normally, but keyboard is still funky. I'm using an external USB one. I've noticed every now and then that the command key must stick, as it starts command-clicking. Tapping the command key on the external keyboard seems to fix this (temporarily).
    - I found the above thread to disable keyboard in terminal - great

    ...this is where it gets strange.

    - After putting in the terminal command to disable keyboard - perfect, exactly what i was after (internal keyboard disabled)
    - When i tried to re-enable the internal keyboard with the terminal command... THE KEYBOARD NOW FUNCTIONS PERFECTLY!
    - .....for a few minutes. Then it's back to the strange symbols.
    - The only key that doesn't work in that small window is the left hand side "SHIFT" key.

    It certainly has given me hope. Maybe the replacement keyboard i bought is also faulty? i have tried re-seating the ribbon cable. Maybe an issue with the keyboard connection on logic board (this DID have what appeared to be some corrosion that i cleaned)? Is it possibly a software issue (like the keyboard file got corrupted or something)??

    Any ideas here?? Any help much appreciated!

    Kind regards,
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    Oct 29, 2015

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