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    I bought a 3GS off of ebay, and I want to unlock it on tmobile. I get the notice saying I need to put in a working sim card, so I figured that I have to jailbreak my phone..SO I've been trying that, but whenever I try to use redsn0w to jailbreak it, everytime I download the 4.2.1 firmware, it doesn't let me load it up..i don't know what firmware this phone is currently on as its sim locked...what am i doing wrong here?

    I also tried using quickpwn, no luck,it just tells me that there is no functional ispw or something

    I suck =/
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    What version of Redsn0w are you using? The 3GS firmware for 4.2.1 is iPhone2,1_4.2.1

    In the iPhone's description on eBay did it mention what iOS the iPhone was on?
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    Can you post a screenshot of the "About" screen, specially the baseband version part.

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