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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is set to revamp the displays for the majority of its product lines within the next year, according to supply chain research done by NPD DisplaySearch (via CNET). The new research corroborates an earlier report that Apple is set to revamp its displays across multiple product lines and offers some speculation on Apple's plans rooted in the supply chain hints.
Based on supply chain research, we believe Apple is planning to revamp nearly all of the displays in its products over the next year. This would indicate that Apple, once again, intends to count on display technology for new product innovation. We can speculate about Apple's new products as follows:

DisplaySearch speculates that Apple may launch both a 4.7-inch and a 5.7-inch iPhone next year, roughly in line with a Wall Street Journal report from September claiming Apple has been experimenting with iPhone models carrying displays of 4.8 inches to 6 inches, perhaps for a 2014 release.

DisplaySearch's report also covers the slimmer-bezeled iPad and Retina iPad mini, which will reportedly be unveiled on October 22. Unsurprisingly, the report indicates that both displays will carry the same 2048 x 1536 resolution as the current full-size iPad. DisplaySearch also suggests that a 12.9-inch iPad is set for debut next year, in line with the Wall Street Journal's report that Apple is looking at larger iPad models.

The MacBook Air, which is unlikely to get an update at Apple's October 22 event, is likely to see a new 12-inch Retina Display model launch next year, according to DisplaySearch's findings. This new low-power MacBook Air would likely feature a 2304 x 1440 display, although this would be the usable screen real estate at a non-Retina equivalent of just 1152 x 720, lower than that of the current 11-inch MacBook Air. Users would, however, be able to opt for higher-resolution non-Retina settings as seen on the Retina MacBook Pro. Mac display upgrade rumors also fall in line with earlier reports that Apple is set to move to IGZO displays, which allow for higher-resolution displays with lower power consumption.

DisplaySearch also claims there will be two Apple-branded 4Kx2K television sets in 55- and 65-inch sizes, feeding longstanding rumors of an Apple television set project that has yet to come to fruition. Finally, the report claims that 1.3- and 1.6-inch iWatch models could debut in late 2014 with flexible 320 x 320 AMOLED displays. This, too, falls in line with earlier rumors claiming Apple is set to adopt AMOLED display for its smart watch device.

The first of these rumored devices with all new displays is reportedly set for an unveiling at an iPad-centric event on October 22. Apple has yet to officially confirm the event, but should send out media invitations roughly one week ahead of time.

Article Link: Supply Chain Sources Feed Speculation on Apple's Display Plans for Future Devices


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Jun 22, 2009
1. If the iPhone speculation is correct - it's proof positive that Apple is, indeed, listening to the marketplace.

2. If Apple does produce an actual TV - and only offers it in two sizes - I suspect they will promote is as their newest "hobby." There's a lot of competition in the TV space - with tons of designs and sizes and price points. While Apple may be bringing something new to the table - with only two (rumored) sizes (and no doubt one or two styles) I don't see them selling millions. Also - the refresh cycle on a TV is WAY different than a computer and/or phone.


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Jul 26, 2010

Lol - the fragmentation that will occur for developers if those displays come to fruition doesn't bear thinking about.

Count Blah

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Jan 6, 2004
US of A
I don't know why everyone wants a bigger phone... I like the iPhone 5S just the way it is...

I know it's a shock to typical Apple fans. But consumer's want to be given a choice. :eek:

You don't have to go 15 different sizes, like samsung. But a simple choice between 2 or 3 different sizes, to meet one's own needs, would be nice.


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Sep 18, 2012
Larger iPhones aren't iPhones.

They're iPods that are made as remote controls for the tv. Bigger screens for lots of buttons to control the tv and play games, etc.


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Oct 5, 2011
San Francisco, California
I was all ready to buy my iPad 5, and then I read this. That larger iPad sounds tempting. At first I thought it sounded dumb. But I don't travel with my iPad - I use it as a device that stays on my coffee table mostly. I use my Mac in a home office for work, and the iPad for everything else. I wouldn't hate a bigger one. :)


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Aug 3, 2009
Vancouver, Canada
I know it's a shock to typical Apple fans. But consumer's want to be given a choice. :eek:

You don't have to go 15 different sizes, like samsung. But a simple choice between 2 or 3 different sizes, to meet one's own needs, would be nice.

Agreed. We currently have two sizes of iPad, Macbook Pro's, and Macbook Airs; software runs fine despite the fragmentation. It seems plausible that two sizes of iPhone could work.
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Aug 19, 2013
No new rMBP? Screw Apple when they "believe" people should have the best performing Equipment.


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Apr 8, 2006
I currently have an iPhone 5s and iPad mini. If they come out with a 5.7" iPhone next year, I might just dump the iPad altogether.
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