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Jun 7, 2016
Greetings everyone, recently I've notice an "Other" user when I started up my MBP, I didn't think anything of

it because I searched and noticed that it happened to a lot of people, but after logging into my main user I've

got a lot of pop-up ads when browsing the web which is weird because I've never had such problems,

especially with adblock installed, so I searched about that as well and came to the conclusion that I have an

adware/malware, I tried some methods that worked with other people but it did not work for me so I went

and installed an anti-malware that happened to find quite a few malwares that I removed, it got better but I

still get ads in certain websites, this isn't really a big problem, I can live with it, but this one time my CPU's

temp. started shooting way higher than usual and so did the fans, so I opened the Activity Monitor like I

usually do and I found a process that was causing this problem, unfortunately I can't remember it's name but

I noticed that it was under a user named "luxuriate", I frequently open the Activity Monitor and I pay

attention to the users and this was the first time seeing this one, my questions are, is this related to the

"Other" user that I see when I run my MBP? also, could it be related to the adware that I have? and most

importantly, how do I remove it? because I tried searching for this problem and didn't really find a solution,

sorry this is taking so long I just wanted to include everything.

Included below is a screen shot of a process that's under 'luxuriate', the columns are: Process Name, % CPU, CPU Time, Threads, Idle Wake Ups, PID and User, respectively.

Thanks to everyone in advance.


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Jul 30, 2003
Be sure to run Malwarebytes.
You possibly have an adware, one that creates a user on your Mac, just using dictionary words (so it will be different on each computer) to name the user.
I think you will find this thread relevant -
If you have time, view the video on page 2, which is a fairly long presentation about OSX.pirrit by an Israeli web security researcher. It's a newly-discovered type of adware, and would explain the strange user that suddenly appeared on your Mac...
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