Swift and Xcode Head Chris Lattner Leaving Apple for Tesla This Month [Updated]

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    Chris Lattner, director of Apple's Developer Tools group, has announced he will be leaving the company later this month to "pursue an opportunity in another space." Lattner was responsible for leading the teams behind Xcode, Swift, and some other development-related tools and compilers at Apple.


    In a message posted to the Swift mailing list, shared by MacStories, Lattner said Ted Kremenek, currently Senior Manager of Languages and Runtimes at Apple, will be taking over as "Project Lead" for the Swift programming language, managing the "administrative and leadership responsibility" for Swift.org.
    Lattner said he does not expect his resignation to impact day-to-day operations of the Swift team in any significant way. He also noted Apple's development of Swift 4 will continue under Kremenek. Apple previously said it will shift its focus to Swift 4 after Swift 3.1 is released over the coming months.

    Latter is best known as the main author of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project, a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. He started development of Swift in 2010, and the open source programming language was introduced for Apple software platforms at WWDC 2014.

    Update: Chris Lattner is leaving Apple for Tesla, where he will fill the position of Vice President of Autopilot Software and lead Tesla's autopilot engineering team.

    Article Link: Swift and Xcode Head Chris Lattner Leaving Apple for Tesla This Month [Updated]
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    It seems, all the opportunities are in another place, but Apple nowadays.
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    I freaking hate Chris Lattner. Hate, hate, hate, monstrously hate Chris Lattner and everything Duke.

    /realizes this guy isn't Christian Laettner

    Never mind.:oops:

    On topic: Wish him well, in his future endeavors. Seems there's been a few leaving Apple lately.

    edit after update: going to Tesla, hmmmm... alrighty then.
    ... and Duke sucks. That is all.
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    Most likely what he works on next is a startup and will be acquired by Apple anyways in a few years.
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    And here come the flood of not-so-witty remarks: why Apple is doomed, why Tim should be fired, and why the new MacBook Pro is a failure.

    However, reading the article indicates that somebody else is taking over the admin & leadership responsibility — you know, the boring paperwork stuff. And Latter has said himself that he'll remain a part of the Swift Core team. So if anything, he'll be doing more programming, not less. Management isn't for everybody.

    Mind you, that's just the impression I got; not sure if it's right. Though it would be great if somebody who has something beyond a tired witticism could read the article and give their thoughts on the matter. God forbid we might end up having a polite discussion.
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    Apple is doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a serious note, it's mostly likely that he'll be starting a start up and does cool works. It also might be that the pressure has taken a toll on him and he wants to enjoy life more. I've known for a fact that 70-80 hrs/week is the norm for companies like Apple/Google/FB
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    Agreed, but combined with recent events, still not the best sign. I fear some people within Apple are starting to see the writing on the wall. Some of them have been there a long time, made some decent money, and figure it's a safe time to bow out and start fresh with their own company or with a newer company that is more nimble. For now just add it to the list of departures and hope that there isn't an upwards trend.
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    Your opening and closing are diametrically opposed. Just my opinion, but the way you started is probably not the best way to get the results you desire in the end. Why not just start and end with this:
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    Why does Xcode *still* not support Swift refactoring?
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    Aww, man. I'd only just discovered how foundational Chris was to Swift – I want to thank him so much for essentially spearheading something so great. I hope his new thing is awesome, of course, and I'm really glad to read the update and see he plans to remain involved.
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    Remember when being head of an Apple dept. was the gold standard of tech jobs. The best & brightest fought for those positions.
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    Things the new Apple fashion style products don't need:
    - Innovation
    - Pro / Pros
    - Terminal
    - Automation
    - Swift
    - XCode

    It is soo good that we have a cook that has a clear vision for the company and the products.
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    Oh no, who'll do peer review of my code now ;)
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    Yes! Like Tim Cook!
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    When was that?
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    It still is
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    I agree that a polite discussion would be a pleasant change. The impression I got was that he was leaving to pursue somethig outside of Apple. In truth, we can only speculate as to what this means for Apple. It may be an indication of trouble brewing from within, or it may simply reflect the personal decision of a wealthy and intelligent tech guy who wants a change of scenery.
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    People move on even from great companies and jobs for all kinds of reasons. It doesn't necessarily mean anything in particular one way or another.
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    Chris will still be part of the Swift Core Team
    and be involved in swift's future

    I was not aware he was the head of the Xcode team though?
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    A quiet place in NY.
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    One has to assume he left because the company he worked for couldn't provide him an acceptable desktop computer for his work.
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    LOL as someone with a long tradition at UMCP, I can agree with the anti Duke emotion. :D

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