SWTOR Servers announced, guilds placed

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Shivetya, Dec 12, 2011.

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    A sampling...

    Ahto City - PVP (EU)
    Anchorhead - PVP (East)
    Basilisk Droid - PVP (EU)
    Begeren Colony - RP-PVE (West)
    Belgoth's Beacon
    Bondar Crystal - PVP (East)
    Canderous Ordo - PVE (East)
    Cassus Fett - RP-PVE (EU)
    Chuundar - PVP (EU)
    Corellian Run - PVE
    Dark Reaver - PVP
    Darth Bandon - PVE (East)
    Darth Traya - PVP (EU)
    Davik's Estate - PVP
    Death Wind Corridor - PVP (East)
    Daragon Trail - PVP (West)
    Dreshdae Cantina - (East)
    Frostclaw - PVE (EU)
    Giradda the Hutt - PVE (East)
    Grand Master Zym - PVE (East)
    Iron Citadel - PVP
    Jedi Covenant - PVE (East)
    Juyo - PVE
    Lord Adraas
    Lord Praven - PVE (West)
    Luka Sene - PVE (EU)
    Nadd's Sarcophagus - PVP (West)
    Naddist Rebels
    Nightmare Lands - PVE (EU)
    Niman - PVP (EU)
    Kaas City - PVE (East)
    Keller's Void - PVE (East)
    Kinrath Spider - PVP
    Krayt Dragon - PVE (East)
    Hedarr Soongh - PVP (East)
    Hex Droid - PVP (EU)
    Hidden Beks - RP-PVE (EU)
    Hrakert Rift - French PVP
    Hyperspace Cannon - PVE (West)
    Mandalore the Indomitable - PVP (West)
    Mantle of the Force - PVE (EU)
    Mask of Nihilus
    Mind Trick - PVE (East)
    Peragus Mining Facility - PVE (EU)
    Port Nowhere - PVP (East)
    Prophecy of the Five
    Rakata Mind Prison - PVP (West)
    Rubat Crystal - RP (East)
    Tarro Blood - PVE (East)
    The Ebon Hawk - RP (East)
    The Fatman - PVP (East)
    The Harbinger
    The Jedi Tower - (EU)
    The Progenitor - RP-PVE (EU)
    The Red Eclipse - PVE (EU)
    The Restoration Zone - PVP (EU)
    The Twin Spears - PVP (East)
    The Shadowlands - PVE (East)
    Trask Ulgo - RP-PVE
    Saber of Exar Kun - PVP (East)
    Shadow Hand - PVE (East)
    Shien - RP
    Shii Cho - PVE (East)
    Sith Meditation Sphere
    Sith Wyrm - PVE (East)
    Space Slug - PVE (West)
    Sword of Ajunta Pall - PVP
    Vanjervalis Chain - RP-PVE (EU)
    Vornskr - PVE (West)
    Vrook Lamar - RP (West)
    Vulkar Highway
    Wound in the Force - PVP (West)
    Warriors of the Shadow - PVP (West)
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    I'm totally going to Sword of Ajunta Pall.

    What's SWTOR? :confused:
    Oh, Star Wars. Nice!
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    I'll be checking with my guild (Old Timers Guild) to see where we ended up. I had some Best Buy gift cards laying around and decided to use them to preorder. No, I won't get to play in advance of the 20th, but I'll be traveling and the ability to get the game installed is ehh. My guess is that my beta install will still work, but I've heard you can end up with a lot of extra crap in your SWTOR folder so it might be best to start from scratch which is what I'll be doing... and what's the rush? My guess is that the 20th will be a zoo trying to get on.
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