System overheating to the point of forced shutdown

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Cheesecake, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Hello, i'm currently using a Macbook Pro pre-Santa Rosa. I previously had a Windows XP Home SP2 install on this system but due to a corruption I had to reformat the XP partition. After fighting with that for a bit I installed Windows XP Pro SP2 with the same set of drivers. On my previous setup, I had been able to play Source powered games on Steam and Quake Live without the system exploding.

    On this new install though, I can't play any games that are source powered with a decent framerate. Then after I installed some system updates (not SP3 though) my computer began to overheat and shutdown when playing games like Quake Live and source engine based games. I thought this may be related to just playing games, but I can run Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst without the system overheating and shutting down. So I assume it could be an issue with first person shooters, or that the system is being overworked by these games somehow. I'm not 100% sure. It won't go through the shutdown procedure, it just turns the computer off completely like someone yanked the cord and took the battery out.

    What I am sure of however, is that the laptop is running much hotter than it was before. The laptop used to run Firefox open with plenty of tabs, Skype, and Winamp and would hover around 60 degrees. Now it shoots up to 75-80 degrees with the same activity, sometimes it gets up to 90 and thinking about picking up the laptop is unbearable. For fun I held my laptop up to the fan in my room and after 5 minutes (with the system fans forced into 6000 RPMs) the temp dropped to 57, which is much closer to what it should be. But putting the laptop back down shot the laptop straight back up to 80 within a minute.

    Not quite sure what the issue is here, but i'm afraid my laptop is going to melt my fingers at this rate.

    Macbook Pro
    Boot Camp Windows XP Pro SP2
    2GB RAM
    Radeon Mobility x1600 256MB
    Intel Core 2 Duo @2.33gHZ

    EDIT: I should mention that my fans are already maxed out using SMCFanControl reboot method, so using input remapper or whatever would not really make much of a difference.
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    Nov 14, 2007
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    Where are you placing your Mac? In your bed, table, desk? Also, call Apple see what they say, maybe one of your fans is underperforming even though smc reports otherwise.
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    Apr 4, 2007
    I keep my laptop on desks and tables, never on a soft surface. I don't think the issue is persistant in OS X (as with fans at max speed i've been able to get as low as 45 degrees idle), only a windows issue.
  4. drayon macrumors 6502

    Aug 20, 2007
    Hi, I had the same issue with Vista. When the Mac was operating at around 45C the same operating environment in Vista was some 20C+ more. I noticed often Vista running well over 70C!!! serious, cooked legs an all :-( and this for normal usage, email web browser and and watching a training video. For me this was not a workable system. I tried setting SMCFanControl to 6000RPM but Vista still easily ran over 70C!!!

    Not sure if this will help since im not sure on your usage and dependance on WinOS, but for me I erased Vista and installed Windows 7 build 7022. Now this OS operates within the same range of temperature as OS X around 42-50C. So im very pleased about this. I think for my usage the only limitation is not having live access to the Mac HFS+ partitions since MacDrive 7.2.6 will not install (tho there is some tweak which may work) details here

    So I plan ahead in OS X an place the bits im going to use on a 4Gig FAT32 USB Flash drive and reboot to Win7 and access the data this way. I can live with this for now. For mounting ISO images Daemon Tools wont work so im successfully using SlySoft's Virtual CloneDrive for now which works well. Win7 build 7022 expires in july, I figure a GM or a final release will be out before then which I will at that point resetup with the final so this 7022 build is perfectly useful in the meantime. I've not had any back breaking reliability problems with this build so far....seems to work nicely much smoother than Vista.

    Gis a shout if you have some more questions, ill try to answer em 4 ya.

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