tethering is actually seamless...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iAtot, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. iAtot macrumors member

    Jul 17, 2008
    i finally got tethering to work.. and yes it is seamless like what scott forstall said on wwdc.. im currently tethered via bluetooth as we speak.. :):apple::)

    sorry if this thread is a bit pointless.. im just a one satisfied person.. looooooooool
  2. computermilk macrumors 6502

    Jun 10, 2008
  3. iAtot thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 17, 2008
    hey.. there are loads of posts that can helpp i get it to work.. thats all i did. lol
    another reason to love macrumors haha

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