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    I'm at an airport right now waiting on my next flight. I have my iphone tethered to my computer and I was wondering something. I know that when I've tethered in the past I can look at the detail of my data usage and it's very easy to see when I tethered and when I didn't. If I stay under 5gb a month will AT&T look at the detail of my data usage? How often do the people here tether and have you had AT&T say anything?
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    I used it as a primary Internet connection for a month and noticed nothing on my bill hopefully we can tether in 3.0!
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    AT&T isn't going to look at your data plan unless it is excessive, for an excessive amount of time. for instance if you get 10GB every month for 3 or 4 months they might notice something but honestly... i have been tethering with PDAnet and use about 2-5GB/month (lot of car travel :) ) and haven't had a problem with AT&T.

    i do kinda feel weird at the airport. like everyone knows haha
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    AT&T doesn't cap your iPhone's data usage at 5 GB. That's for phones, PDAs or Data cards that connect to the network to share connection with a laptop.

    If you use your iPhone's connection via iPhoneModem or PDAnet, then you'll be fine consumption wise. Just don't make the usage spike obvious (like going from 500 MB to 20 GB)
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    has anyone ever got caught tethering and shared on here??

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