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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by the8thark, May 19, 2013.

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    Every so often I see articles posted on this website (front page etc) and I at the bottom is a short thanks to the person who provided the information for the article. This is very nice. But . . . .

    It got me thinking, how come every article story given to MacRumors and/or first posted on the forums also have a thanks to the person who handed the info to MacRumors. A lot of times people hand info to MacRumors and no thanks at all. And other times I see a thanks at the end of the article.

    So my question is, can a moderator here share with us what is required to have a thanks at the end of a written article on this website. Because I know MacRumors does not thank everyone who hands them info first or acknowledge people who put the info on the forums first. So it must be something else. An other reason. If you can share this reason with us, I'd be so happy.
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    Chances are, multiple people submitted the story and it would be a bit excessive to give credit to all 23 who did.
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    There's information about this in the FAQ:
    Since the editors are constantly on the lookout for news, and they watch all the usual sources, many news stories don't rely on user submissions.

    Since users may see the same news stories that the editors do, a user might start a forum thread about something that the editors are already writing up. They don't get thanked for that, and the editors don't routinely watch for news in the forums anyway.

    If multiple people submit news then credit goes to the first person to alert the editors to a story they didn't already know about or supply substantive details, unless they submitted it anonymously or they've asked to be anonymous.
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    To get a thanks, you have to email us directly, and typically has to be somewhat unique. For example, we get hundreds of tips when an iOS update comes out. We don't thank people for tips like that.

    Posting a thread in the forums by itself is very unlikely to get the attention of the editors/writers. You'd have almost just as much luck by going outside and yelling it into the air -- which is to say, not much luck. If you post a thread with interesting/unique information, email the editors too.


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