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Nov 12, 2007
The purpose of this thread to be a central place for all type of accessories for iPad. It’ll make it easy for people to find what they are looking including things that they never thought to look for. I would love some support from everybody here by posting the info with a pic, link, price and reviews (once it is out of course).

What comes already in every iPad order are: a dock to usb connector and a USB to power outlet adapter. There's an extended 6' USB to power adapter available for sale to use as a second charger, for home or work.


Booq Bags
Booq Bags is a well known brand for top quality cases for all Mac products. They have not only sleeves, but hard cases, messenger bags and briefcases for the iPad. The price range from $24.95 to $69.95.
Tom Bihn

Cocoon Innovations

Four new cases announced, however no pricing or date announced yet.
dermaSHOT: anti-slip silicone case with access to screen
Feather: light polymer guard less than 1mm thick with soft matte finish, two screen protectors and a cleaning cloth.
duroSHOTDRX: Hard polycarbonate shell for back and side only.
NGP: Soft impact-resistant polymer case for back and side only.


Wrappers (Customized Sleeves from UK)
They have multiple choices for customizing your own sleeves ranging from $36 to $65 with $6 worldwide shipping fee.

Rubber case with a stand available Spring, no price or direct link available yet.
Screenshot here:


Waterfield Designs (SFBags)
SleeveCase with options: $55-101
Suede Jacket: $19, pocket option: $25
iPad Slip Case: $19
Smart Case: 59$
Muzetto (Personal Size): $179

The iPad on its own will very nicely fit into our Personal Size Muzetto. The iPad in our Suede Jacket will also fit well into the Personal Size. If you have a slightly larger case around your iPad then I would suggest the new slightly larger 10" Portable size Muzetto. Here's what I suggest for each of the cases that we make:

iPad naked - Personal Muzetto
iPad Suede Jacket - Personal Muzetto
iPad Slip Case - Personal or 10" Portable
iPad Smart Case - 10" Portable Muzetto
iPad Ultimate SleeveCase - 10" Portable Muzetto

The new 10" Portable Muzetto is slightly larger than the Personal size and will still have a very compact feel. The Shoulder Strap will have the same connection as the Personal size... vs. the D-ring version of the larger 13" Laptop size.

The LA robe iPad Allure protection sleeves will be available this spring for $30.

Apple-designed case for $39. With a soft microfiber interior and reinforced panels to provide structure, the iPad Case is the perfect way to carry around your iPad. And it does double duty. It folds in just the right places to act as a stand that holds iPad at an ideal angle for watching videos and slideshows or for typing on the onscreen keyboard.

Eco-Vue (Folio case): $44.99

Eco-Envi (Mail Envelope Case): $39.99

Eco-Flip (Flip Case): $44.99
Credit: roland.g

Foofshop (Custom Fabric Sleeve Maker)
You can pick any fabric you want to customize your own sleeve for the iPad. Ships Late March for $24.

Popular manufacturer for all type of bags. Recommended by many members. No iPad information available yet, however look at post #3 for a bag that might fit the iPad at this moment.

Trendy Digital Waterproof Case

Happy Owl Studio
Their cases looks professional and definitely for people who wants a bit more out of their cases. There's not much info on pricing or release date. The company informed me that they’ll begin manufacturing those cases soon and there’s a chance that it’ll be in the Apple stores as well.

They got sleeves, jackets, and bags of all kinds of colors and types as well as a stand for the iPad. No pricing or release dates yet.

Colcasac iPad Sleeve for $30 in four colors.

Hard Graft
A top flip wool sleeve with a leather packet for cables for 80$ (59 Euros).
A vertical wool sleeve with a band to attach to your hand for carrying. 80$ (59 Euros)

Hip Handmaids’ Shop
iMaxi for $30, a funny case that really does comes with the protective wings. Link

Handcrafted Wood iPad Case for 79$

Hard Candy
Hard Case with rubberized corners to protect the iPad with a zipper to close the case. Can use iPad in-case or out-case. $49.99
iPad Bubble Sleeves for 49.95

They got more, check their site.

High quality hand-stitched exotic flip cases that's not only dockable but also acts as a stand with cutouts for all the ports. It starts from $209.

Vaja Retro Slim Jacket

Padded Protection,Silver Logo,Slim Design,Flexible ABS structure,Magnetic snap closure, Customizable for $120.00

An iPad case that can change into many things including a wallmount, kick stand, shoulder strap, and a car mount. Available in Summer 2010, no pricing yet.

A hardback leather case that'll be coming out for the iPad, confirmed via Twitter. No pricing or release date yet.

A hand-made hard jacket that looks like a book and belongs on a bookshelf, can also customize the front to fit your own text. 89$, extra 5$ for custom front cover with spine text.


New Inner “Pillow Flap” design that secures the iPad in position while inserted in the sleeve, preventing the iPad from accidentally slipping out for $33

U-Sleaf, the U-Skin and the Omniverse for $20-30. Not up on their site yet but will be available soon


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Nov 12, 2007


HyperMac Battery Packs

Body shields, Screen Protectors, Stands, Stylus and so on.

Dual USB 10W Changer for charging both iPhone/iPad at same time, or two iPads :)
BookStand and ViewStand
Privacy Screen Filter
Rest of their iPad stuff here which includes body protective covers that's clear, black or chromeish and many others.

InvisibleShield (Screen only): $25
InvisibleShield (Full Body): $35

NLU Products
BodyGuardz (Full body): $30
ScreenGuardz (Screen only): $20

Best Skins Ever
Recommended by roland.g for an alternative to InvisibleShield and BodyGuardz. They’ll release the protection kit once the iPad is out. No additional info yet.

Griffin Screen Care Kit for iPad

Targus Fingerprint-resistant Screen protector
The screen guard utilizes microscopic ridges and valleys in order to reduce fingerprints and smudges on the screen, and is also capable of reducing glare. In addition, it features an adhesive designed to prevent bubbles and peeling in order to help ensure a secure, close fit. Scheduled for April.

Ten One Design's Pogo Sketch Stylus
Stylus for drawing on the iPad as well as handwriting with any drawing or handwriting note application. $15

Kensington PowerBolt™ Micro Car Charger for $24.99


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Nov 12, 2007
Stores and other stuff

Stores for Bags
Remember netbook bags could fit iPad just as well. Don't blame me if it doesn't fit.


They carry cool looking bags that look like Indiana Jones

Kenneth Cole




Louis Vuitton
Very expensive but look around

Probably the largest store for this, they got everything you could want.

A bag that's designed for handguns but it looks goddamn cool! Check it out, Kifaru Koala

This is list of accessories that's not officially iPad ready but it could fit.
Warning: Don't blame me if it doesn't fit.

CaseLogic E-Sling - Medium: $39.99 Suggested by powerbooks

Maxpedition JUMBO VERSIPACK: $88.99 Suggested by lordhamster and reviewed by him as well.

Timbuk2’s Freestyle Netbook Messenger Bag: $65 Suggested by TraceyS/FL

Patagonia’s Single Shot Messenger Bag @ $49 (Winter sale @ $41.65) Suggested by Clix Pix

Tumi’s Alpha Messenger Bag $150 Suggested by Webnasty

The only clothing line that's designed for gadgets and it includes pockets for the iPad.


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Sep 14, 2007
Wow, fancy fancy.

Thanks for the thread, now I have to blow some cash on a case for sure.

And I blame YOU.


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Sep 2, 2009
Thanks for this thread! One of the actually useful ones that have been posted! Know some stuff I'm getting for mine. :D


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Jan 3, 2008
I really hope Griffin will do a scaled-up Elan Form case for it. Just a nice leather backing and some protective plastic around the edges and corners.


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Aug 8, 2002
Many thanks for this great thread! Loving the Ristretto for iPad due to its very light weight, only 11 oz...


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Sep 3, 2009
I love the Ristretto, however, I don't love the price :). Maybe one day, but my dollars right now are going to Jobs and company.


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Apr 11, 2005
The Scosche Kickback is the only case/stand combo other than Apples, and I don't understand from the iLounge pics how it can support landscape and portrait standing as the pics don't show any rotating disc. Of course there is no info on their website, and besides all that it's a bit to industro-fugly.

Marware makes great stuff and shows an iPad and Kindle section for cases and sleeves but their site appears to be undergoing a transformation and that portion is currently down. no longer works and their main site has been replaced by
all the top headers reveal selections below except for the iPad & Kindle section.

I have their Sportfolio Deluxe Black for the MacBook which is a real nice case/sleeve hybrid that give you some storage room but in a nice compact form.
Not as big as it looks.


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Jan 3, 2008
Someone REALLY needs to make a case that'll make your ipad look like an Etch-a-Sketch! There's already at least one Etch a Sketch app.


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Jun 25, 2007
I am digging this thread and thank you for all the info. I get tired of wading through all the hate and negativity towards the iPad pre-release.


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Nov 12, 2007
Thanks guys, I updated the thread with more products as well as crediting them to you.

@roland.g, yea the marware site sucks. I found three iPad cases (links in first post) but two of them looks exactly the same. Too many errors on their site. I listed all I can find. As for the Scosche case, I'll update once more info is released, I just added it just in case.


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Apr 11, 2005
BTW, I emailed last week with the folks over at BSE -

They informed me that they will have a skin for the iPad once it is released. They typically don't design their templates from specs but actually buy product to make a better template.

They are a local company to me here in Colorado. They produce as good or better skins IMO than IS and BGz and usually at a substantially lower price. I have used them on my original iPhone (which I sold in mint condition b/c of the skin) and on my 3G. I mistakenly tried the BodyGuardz for my aluminum MacBook but that was a horrible experience and then used the less expensive BSE on it instead and the application was much much easier and it still looks fantastic and has a better coverage layout. I urge any skin users to try them first.


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Nov 12, 2007
These are all cases, bags and screen protectors, no actual hardware?

Other than the dock accessories (which is listed under Docks and only Apple stuff has been announced), there has been no hardware stuff announced, just the iPad.


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
Thanks a bunch to the OP for this post. I've been looking around for information about iPad accessories! Also glad to see some people in here who have some love for the device.
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