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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced the official discontinuation of the iPod touch, the last remaining device in the iPod lineup. The sunsetting of the iPod touch marks the end of a 21-year era, that all started with the 2001 iPod.

Over the years, Apple introduced multiple iterations of the iPod, including iPod mini, multiple versions of the iPod nano, the iPod shuffle, and the iPod touch. We want to hear from you - what was your favorite iPod? Let us know in the comments below, and share your iPod photos with us.

Apple said that it is discontinuing the iPod because the iPod's capabilities have been built into the entire Apple product lineup, from the Mac to the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

Apple plans to continue selling the iPod touch on its website and in retail stores while supplies remain, but once it sells out, it will be gone for good. The iPod touch is priced starting at $199.

Article Link: The End of an Era: What Was Your Favorite iPod?
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Aug 14, 2013
This one.


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Mar 28, 2010
I have a soft spot for the OG because that was the device that got me interested in Apple as more than a computer maker.

I’d used Macs from ‘99 up to that point, but the iPod was such a cool product that I became invested in their industrial design. It’s hard to imagine now, but that first device was like a piece of art compared to other portable music players.

That was the turning point for me where they were no longer just the words ‘education’ and ‘creative’, and a company that made computers “that guy” (There was always someone like me…) would use; they were a lifestyle brand.


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Mar 2, 2012
Westchester, NY
I think the mini was my favorite. The video iPod classic was cool, but battery life was very short and screen was too small to enjoy, and I had some issues I had to bring it to apple for.


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Sep 21, 2016
iPod classic +1

Am I the only one getting kind of anxious by seeing your camera laying there with no lens or lens cap on, exposing the sensor for all sorts of stuff? ?
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Jun 1, 2016
The 6th gen iPod Nano. That's the founding father of the Apple Watch.
I still remember clearly Steve said in the stage that one of his VP strapped it onto his wrist, making it like a watch and after that, the strap accessories boomed like crazy.
Would ended up looking a bit funny tho listening to music with your earphone cord dangling from your ear to your wrist.

OTOH, I ended up buying a silver 4th gen Shuffle and later sold it with virtually no depreciation after using it daily for 3 months.


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Nov 7, 2020
I have the 7th Generation iPod Nano and use it everyday especially when outside working in the yard. I love it.


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Nov 6, 2002
iPod Classic 6th. Beautiful proportions, nice and weighty in the hand, the polished silver shell and the anodised aluminium front plate with the gentle chamfer around the edges, a colour screen! and the smooth white plastic click wheel so pleasant to use and alluringly tactile to the fingertips...
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