The "I dont care how much RAM the iPad has" Thread.


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Jan 25, 2010
Or, as is being discussed in another thread, they do what they do to keep costs down (and profits up). Sure, they could give us 1GB of RAM and 5MP cameras, and then they could calli ta Xoom and start it at $799. When you sell 20 Million units of something...a price increase of $5 for more RAM quickly adds up to $100 Million in lost profits.
I agree! Apple will not sacrifice performance of the device, however, they do not want to overload the device with wasted features. Example, optical drive. Yes, we do have it in our mbp. However, I have never used it! Apple has a huge lab. It is not likely that they did not test the performance. Plus, A5 is a patented custom chip. It will take a ifixit to take it apart to see how much ram is in it.


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Jun 18, 2008
Official Thread... It integrates my music, pictures, apps, books, documents, movies, and more with the 2 iphones, the iMac, the iPod Touch and the ATV at home.

Have I needed more RAM on my iPad 1? Not ever. Will the iPad 2 have more? Probably. Would I change my iPad for a Xoom, just because Xoom has 1Gb of RAM? NO.
I need more RAM in my iPad 1 every time I try to open multiple pages in Safari, so it doesn't need to reload the first one from the server when all I want to do is go back and tap on another link on it.