The next iPhone from an AT&T vs Verizon prospective?

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    Since there are many rumors regarding when Apple will release the next iPhone, I would like to share this point of view, see if we can have a different type of discussion, what should Apple's release strategy be with the next iPhone, and perhaps how the cellular network changes effect us, Apple iPhone customers.

    At first I wants to say that I did some research regarding both Verizon and AT&T networks here in the US, I do not have any information regarding the cellular networks from other countries.

    Now here are a few headlines, they are surrounding LTE and it is perhaps the knowledge that Apple also have, which such information may have an impact on how Apple make important business decisions. Source of these headlines are from wikipedia.

    1. On December 5, 2010, Verizon Wireless launched its 4G LTE network in 38 markets covering 100 million people in the United States, supporting "loaded" network download speeds of 5-12Mbps and upload speeds of 2-5Mbps.

    2. On January 5, 2011, AT&T announced that it would be launching its 4G LTE network in the 2nd half of 2011, with a goal of deployment being "largely complete" by the end of 2013.

    3. On January 6, 2011, Verizon Wireless announced that it plans to add more than 100 LTE markets to cover 175 million people by the end of 2011, have 2/3 of the US population covered by mid-2012, and provide nationwide coverage by the end of 2013.

    4. On March 20, 2011, AT&T Mobility announced that it would acquire T-Mobile USA from parent company Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion. Upon government and regulatory approval, AT&T will be the largest wireless network in the United States, with more than 130 million subscribers.

    One more headline and this one is from AT&T directly: AT&T wants to use T-Mobile's AWS spectrum for LTE buildout

    So base on the headlines, currently in the US, we are in a very early phase of LTE rollout, there is a around 30+ months period (from April 2011) for both networks fully implement LTE here in the US. Now the big question is, when should Apple jump in the LTE pool? To me, this all depends on how quick the LTE implementation for both AT&T and Verizon, I strongly believe Apple will release the LTE version of the iPhone at the right time. Apple is the leader in mobile technology, but they are the leader only in the area that they could control, such as hardware and OS, Apple do not have a way to keep you from a drop call if your AT&T coverage isn't good, or mediocre Verizon download speed in your work place. So Apple's LTE iPhone plan really depends on when both AT&T and Verizon can handle monthly growth of iPhone users with high LTE data demands, maybe this is part of the war between AT&T and Verizon. The one to watch now is does AT&T acquire T-Mobile deal go through, which could put AT&T in a good position along with Verizon in LTE technology and Apple can likely release both GSM and CDMA version of the LTE iPhone together, like they did with the iPad 2.

    We will never know when is the mature period for the LTE version of the iPhone, however given the fact that AT&T has yet to rollout their LTE network, it looks like Apple do have enough time to build another 3g version of the iPhone for both networks before going LTE. If this is the case, the release of this new version of iPhone shouldn't be to far from us now.

    Sorry for this long post, just want to share what I think and perhaps what we should be hoping for in the future release. I would also like to ask that please keep this thread to be purely release strategies dicussion, any hardware specs topic could be for some other thread. Thank you so much!

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    I'll be honest, I really tried reading and understanding that lol
    So ... YEAH LTE FTW!!!! :)
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    Thanks for giving us a well thought out and constructive post ray. So many times you see threads of one or two sentences but I can tell you put a good amount of effort into this :)
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    You also have to think about the efficiency of current LTE chipsets. Currently they're battery hogs just as 3G was when it was first introduced. Apple waited for a relatively power sipping 3G chip before using one. My guess is they will do the same with LTE especially since the rollout is going to take a while. I would surmise you'll see one next year, not this.
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    Thank you, that's the kind of information I'm looking for. Apple will continue to improve the iPhone and definitely not wanted to give up battery life for the speed of a new network.
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    What up, 212?!
    I have no doubt Apple will produce a very good LTE device that will address many issues.
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    +1. As well as a brand new, redesigned, iPhone model. :D

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