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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roland.g, Oct 18, 2018.

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    If the max wasn’t an option I may have went from X to product red XR. Having had a plus phone for 6, 6s and 7 the X was always small. The XR is prob going to be a nice size for me, but Apple made the Max, and it is great so no need for me to change.
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    The one and only problem with the XR is the absolutely ridiculously, unusable, impractical size. Unfortunately that’s a pretty big problem

    Other than that the XR is perfect, those colours are gorgeous and nobody in their right mind cares about the technical specifications of the screen. It’s essentially the 2018 5C which is a very good thing as that phone was sexy

    But why oh why does it have to be a mammoth size. Every time you sit down, every time you go to use your phone that 6.1 inch screen is a huge issue. Had they made it the same size as a 7 I would have upgraded in a heartbeat but the size is a total deal breaker. I hope they make an XR mini. But yeah the XR does look beautiful
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    The industry trend is clearly moving towards the bigger phones. It's between the Max and XS so I think for a lot of folks it will be just right. The fact that Apple has phased out the SE is pretty telling where things are moving. If you want something smaller than the XS, you'll have to go with the 7 or 8. Perhaps if next years release they phase out the 7 and 8, Apple may produce a smaller phone with the all the newer tech.
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    Indeed, that’s why I see no need to upgrade from the 7 at the moment, but I do hope we see an XR mini next year
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    XR is barely smaller than the XS Max because of the bigger bezel. Width of the phone determines a lot how it feels to hold in hand. While the slightly smaller screen of the XR is a bit easier to manage in terms of reaching for the top etc, physically it will feel a lot like the XS Max.

    See this comparison and hit the "view layered" button to show them on top of each other.
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    The industry is unwilling to provide options so it's no wonder people buy big phones. I went for the iPhone XS because it's one of the few smaller full screen phones available. Most new Android phones are now 6+" displays outside of the Galaxy S9 and Sony XZ2 Compact.

    It would be cool if Apple made a "XR SE" in a bit smaller size than the XS with maybe last year's hardware (which is great for most people).

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