The Significance of Pure Age

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by michals727, Apr 7, 2015.

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    Aug 7, 2013
    I suppose this question could pertain to any piece of hardware, although at this moment I'm concerned specifically with iPods. I'm looking to get the discontinued 160gb iPod Classic second-hand, and I'd like it to last me a few years. I take it that I should take a device's mileage - usage and overall wear-and-tear - into consideration. But sometimes you see people selling aged hardware that they claim has mostly been lying around in a drawer. Which leads me to ask: other things being equal, does age itself matter? Suppose A bought his iPod in '09, B bought the same model in '12, and C got his in '14, but all three devices are unboxed today, and proceed to be used with equal intensity. Holding everything else constant, should we expect C's device to last significantly longer than A's, and somewhat longer than B's? I imagine a battery might degenerate over time even if it isn't used, but what about other essential parts?
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    It will definitely matter for the battery. A device that has never been used in years will have its battery deeply discharged for a long time, and that does the battery no good. Check on Apple's support page how much a new battery costs.
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    And of course age affecting solder, plastic integrity, dust build up etc etc. It will be fine for years I'm sure but I'd imagine it'll last slightly less time than a brand new one on average.

    There is of course no metrics or study on this that I know about, this is just my assumption from understanding of materials involved.
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    Sure theoretically everything breaks down with time. With that said (ignoring the battery which definitely would be issue #1), it's impossible to say whether A, B, or C could have a manufacturing defect causing A, B, or C to somewhat prematurely die. It could be something as simple as a poorly manufactured capacitor that after 3 years any in that batch die which means A and C would still be going but B might be out....

    The only for sure, is that the newer the device generally the more life it has. And the newer the device the more likely it will still have a warranty...

    I only buy used, if the price is cheap enough that I can feel comfortable taking the risk. It's possible that two days after you purchase it, it gives up the ghost and dies permanently. If the money is too great for you to risk that kind of cash, do not do it.
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    Sensible advice

    Yep that seems very sensible.

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