Things that need fixed/changed/added in the next and final beta.

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    This said when iOS 7 beta 4 was released, two more betas.
    beta 5 = 1 more beta left
    beta 6 = last beta
    Things that need fixed/changed/added in the next and final beta.

    1. Lock screen music lyrics.
    - When playing music on the lock screen, able to view lyrics.

    2. Highlight and auto scroll for lyrics.
    - When the lyric window is up a highlight box is over the current lyric,
    auto scroll when it goes down the lyrics.

    3. Smart gesture lock screen.
    - When playing music the lock screen, the area from the top of scrub bar
    to the bottom of the volume slider will be disabled from the whole
    unlock. This would make scrub and volume slider work perfect when

    4. Tap-able music name.
    - Tap the song song/artist/album title on the lock screen it will open the
    music app. same with lock screen Control Center.

    5. Smarter Safari tabs.
    - Slide to delete tabs in both directions (left and right) and delete
    multiple tabs at once. (Like multiple delete in multitasking)

    6. Slide down keyboard in Notes.
    - When reading a not in Notes the keyboard should go down when you
    scroll (like messages and mail).

    7. No history folder in Safari.
    - When Private Browsing is enabled in Safari the ''History'' folder in ''Bookmarks''
    pane should go.

    8. Grid in Camera.
    - Grid view in Camera should be turned off/on right in Camera.

    9.Smart search in Spotlight.
    - In Spotlight you should be able to search specific things. For example:
    "Software Update" and it shows the most relevant result and click it and
    it takes you directly to the ''Software Update'' settings page.

    10. Photos and videos in Notes.
    - Ability to add saved or taken photos. Only camera roll videos

    11. Colored dots in Calendar.
    - Currently month view in Calendar grey dots are under event dates.
    The dots should be colored to what calender its in. (example: "School" calender
    is yellow, all events to "School" calendar should have a yellow dot under the date.
    where currently its grey.

    12. Cancel in iTunes and App Store.
    - When you tap search and the keyboard comes up, a ''cancel'' button should be available
    (Like Spotlight) Its also system wide.

    13. Customized Control Center.
    - Ability to put any quick app and quick setting you want. If more then default
    scroll to the side to reveal them.

    14. Quick Reply.
    - Quick reply to messages and 3rd party apps (Facebook).

    15. Clear Music On Lock screen.
    Double tap home button or single tap on lockscreen clears music from lockscreen.
    Add More If You Want
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    Don't like this idea.

    If your phone has a passcode then it would ask for that first as you could knock this by mistake and launch the music app.


    I doubt it. People like to create a thread about something that has already been discussed to death.

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