Thoughts on AT4 remote


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May 16, 2011
Eau Claire, WI
I am coming from a Roku which had a great remote IMO, I just can't seem to get used to the ATV remote. Thankfully I have a Harmony to use otherwise.
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Sep 23, 2012
Personally, I prefer the ATV4 remote over my Roku remote. When I'm using the Roku remote, I need the ATV4, TV or soundbar remotes nearby for volume control, as Roku's remote doesn't offer that functionality. After getting my AppleTV, my Roku remote suddenly is 'missing' an often used function: changing volume levels...
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May 27, 2008
I love the aTV4 remote's tech
Able to control all the other devices, and rechargeable, don't really use Siri (but I manly use plex, which isn't supported yet)

I hate the design though.
no way to tell one end from the other in the dark, and at least they've fixed the acciental scrolling problem,


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Jun 10, 2008
Such a shame it doesn't have a D-pad.
I was coming to say exactly that. A d-pad would really eliminate all my issues with it. The touch pad seems to either be too slow, or too fast (which makes it slow). It seems to be aware of where you're touching the thing, so maybe they can make it function as a d-pad with a software upgrade... or so I shall dream (so nobody tell me how stupid I am for assuming ;-) ).


Sep 24, 2014
I am ok with the remote. Use the app on occasion.

Will Google, but don't know what an elago case is o_O

Ok found it on Amazon, may buy----
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Sep 8, 2011
I've seen that remote control preferences vary a lot.

Personally, I always despised the Roku remotes. The buttons were too spongey and not clicky enough, too many erroneous buttons, and the response time was too slow.

I love the ATV4 remote, and I loved the ATV2/3 remote too.


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Feb 11, 2016
Once I got used to it, I like the ATV4 remote. I agree with the other posters that it is much better than Roku remote.


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Nov 20, 2010
I have both the ATV4 and the Roku3. I heavily prefer the new ATV remote over the Roku. It just seems so much smoother and easier, at least for me. Then again, the Roku almost never gets used. I played with it a bit just yesterday and there is little there that would tear me away from my ATV which is our go to for daily viewing.


Sep 24, 2014
Does Best Buy have a case for the ATV4. Can't find one on their site. I have a reward coupon with BB atm.
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Jan 8, 2012
Thoughts on the Siri remote....hmmm...

I don't like all. And here is why.

1. Its difficult to tell its orientation in the dark without effort albeit minor for some (finding the volume to tell which way you are holding it).

2. Its fragile so you need to be careful with it.

3. Its bluetooth which is fine and can add a layer of convenience however if it slides under you, cat/dog jumps up on the couch, or any variety of reasons it will start changing channels, play pause, etc. I have other bluetooth remotes that have NEVER been activated by my cat, yet the Siri remote is quite often.

4. Its overly sensitive and requires a steady hand. My mother for example can't use all. Not so much a problem for me but scrolling around can be a little finicky. Sometimes it feels like it has mouse acceleration as I blast passed what I'm trying to get too. Tracking down from the top to the bottom of my Computer movie list is a challenge...its almost a game, if nothing else a true test of patience.

5. Its expensive to replace. 80 bucks is a lot considering the ATV4 was 150 to begin with. Its more then half the cost!

6. Did I mention its fragile?


Although this does address problems #1 and #2. I no longer need to be careful with it and its very easy to tell which direction I'm holding it based on where the glass is cutting my hand "oh its cutting my palm, I'm holding it upside down". Surprisingly it still works just fine so I'm still using it so thats a plus.


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Jun 2, 2007
Great functionality. I love that it controls my tv without me having to setup anything. I love that I just hit a button and everything fires up. I love that it's rechargeable. I don't give a rip about Siri. The touch swipe can be frustrating when you're trying to type stuff in but I really began to appreciate it scrolling through hundreds of movies. The ergonomics kind of suck compared to Roku. I always grab it backwards or accidentally activate the TV.

What people sometimes forget though is you can program any remote for your apple tv, including a roku remote.


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Apr 21, 2015
Planet Earth
I put a Griffin Survivor case on mine which makes it much easier to find it in a dark living room while watching a movie e.g. and to hold it right with the first try.

It also avoids that thing sliding into the couch crack or accidentally pressing the touchpad with my butt which happened all too often.

Entering text with it is a PITA but I've gotten used to use Siri more for it. Works quite good. I also find the touchpad kind of not precise when scrolling no matter which setting I choose.

I have the 32GB version but what for? I am not a casual gamer and you can't store movies on it. The app selection is overseeable.

All in all I'd give it a 6/10.
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Dec 28, 2009
I like the remote and the Siri integration. It's nice to say Mickey Mouse Club and have an episode up and running for my kid in two clicks from the home screen.


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Jul 16, 2014
i always take it backwards onto my hand. the touch sensitive surface is glass in iphone/ipad but with the remote it is the opposite way: the glass is the dummy part and the plastic is the touch sensitive part...
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Jan 8, 2012
i always take it backwards onto my hand. the touch sensitive surface is glass in iphone/ipad but with the remote it is the opposite way: the glass is the dummy part and the plastic is the touch sensitive part...
Don't let it fool you....its glass. Lol
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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
we use the Harmony on Apple TV 3. so if we ever upgrade to 4th gen, they'd be no question of using Apple's remote, we would have to use the Harmony because we are not gonna use more then one remote to switch devices.

I tested Apple TV 4 out once, but couldn't get used to the remote. SInce i have dry hands, the sliding stuff failed to respond.

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