Thunderbolt HD help?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mcdonoughdr, Sep 29, 2012.

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    If you check the reviews, a guy that works for Buffalo clearly states that the bottleneck is the HD itself, that will operate at 100-120 MB/s at best. Assuming the best case scenario of 120 MB/s, the transfer speed is only 960 Mbps, about one tenth of Thunderbolt's rated 10,000 Mbps.
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    an hdd maxes at 120 to 160 mbs.

    an ssd maxes at 400 to 500 mbs.

    right now no thunderbolt get much past 1000 mbs. ( really fff'ing fast)

    lacie has a new piece of gear .

    it has a cable for thunder bolt

    it has an ssd

    it has usb 3

    it has thunderbolt

    cost is 199 for the ssd model.

    this may be better for you then the bigger slower one that you linked.

    I am going to purchase and test for this site.
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    The one thunderbolt port is killing me, I would love to have an option that allowed daisy chaining. Still, it's good to see the price drop for these thunderbolt devices.

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