Tickets for WWDC 2013 Sell Out in Two Minutes


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Apr 12, 2001

After going on sale at 10:00 AM Pacific Time today, tickets for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco have already sold out in two minutes.

WWDC has sold out increasingly quickly in recent years, and this year in particular saw a massive rush of developers ready to purchase at the launch time due to Apple having announced the on-sale time a day in advance. Previously, Apple had begun sales at the moment it announced details on the annual conference, but with last year's tickets selling out in under two hours, some developers found themselves out of luck before they had even woken up for the day.

WWDC 2011 sold out in under 12 hours, while the 2010 edition took eight days. This marks the sixth straight year that WWDC has sold out, a streak that began in 2008.

With the increasingly quick ticket sellouts, there have been calls to increase the size of WWDC. Apple would, however, be hard pressed to do so given that a major focus of the conference is on assisting developers with their apps and Apple needs to have enough engineers on hand to provide that hands-on help.

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Sep 7, 2004
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Either multiple venues are needed or more staff.

Edit: (Credit can go to anyone who happens to mention this. Like @Andy-V and @Kissaragi)

By "venue" Apple really should do regional tours to help app developers in certain areas where there is demand, clearly being sold out in two minutes there is clearly a market.

1. WWDC (Main conference and press coverage and product software/hardware releases)
-Mountain West
-South East
-North East
Europe, and Asia regions as well, and maybe an Australian tour event as well.

Didn't Apple do a simliar 'developer tour' in the past?
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Mar 30, 2009
I was debating to see whether it would make sense financially for me to go and decided to give it a shot....and failed, I logged in at 1pm EST....looks like i should have pre logged in because typing my email/password took too long :(


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Apr 5, 2011
How many tickets were they selling?

Reminds me of how tickets for the Paul McCartney concert sold out in Seattle here recently in like 5 minutes...


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Nov 16, 2006
Does it say how many tickets?

Sounds like the need a couple of other similar events during the year without the keynote part.


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Aug 9, 2003
And their server handled it. People can say Apple knows nothing of "cloud" and servers but they can handle this type of load much better than Google ever has with Google I/O.


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Oct 19, 2010
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can you re-sell these? Stub hub has a new section to add if so
No. You can't resell them.

Apple ties the tickets to a Developer account. You can switch tickets between developers on your team, but that's it. (All developers on your team must have been developers as of yesterday, April 24. So you can't 'find' someone on Stub Hub, add them as a developer to your 'team', and give them a ticket).
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