Time for rMB gen 2 ?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by artivideo.nl, Jun 2, 2015.

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    This week for the first time the rMB12 was available as show model (in The Netherlands in only one shop in the city where I live, gold model). The first thing I immediately noticed was that the rMB was bend meaning that the left front foot did not touch the flat surface of the bench which is really annoying when using the trackpad. I did not feel anything special about the trackpad (other than the second click possibility), don't know if this is positive or not. I think they should fix this bending problem in the next gen since it is reported here many times. The keyboard experience (first impression) was so so, I really had to look at the screen to be sure that I engaged the key after pressing. Maybe you get used to it after a while. The screen is terrific even usable if not scaled and I have really bad eyes. Speed (1,2 version) seems snappier than my iMac 24" 3.06 C2D. Speakers ok.

    However if I read all the problems (keys, bend, ssd, lag etc. etc.) on this forum from owners I really think a gen 2 will come faster than expected. Also taking into account that skylake is around the corner. Maybe we also get a second USB-C and a price reduction (like we got when the gen 2 of the MB air came). However my main concern stays the mechanical properties. It is a notebook which you will lug around and if it is already bend straight from the box I hold my breath. They should add some extra aluminum ribs in the inner construction even at expense of some battery space if they want to keep the rMB as thin as it is now.
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    I think that the vast majority of people on this forum haven't experienced any real technical problems and those that have should return their computers to Apple for a replacement. As for me, I haven't had any mechanical problems with mine thus far and mine sits very stably on my desk or any coffee shop tables I've been to.

    There is already a thread on the next gen topic (strange that you couldn't find it since it's pinned at the top) as well as "bendgate" (http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/macbook-2015-is-bendy.1887014/#post-21377547) and it seems like most people (including me) that doubt a new generation will come out before early next year, but I think many are hoping for a price reduction and an extra USB-C port.
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    Same problem can occur to the 11" Air, most people just twist the base back to the original alignment. I doubt the unibody bending is that widespread either, or the tech press would be on fire by now. All the same I do agree you have to take it into consideration as it`s one of several trade-off`s for the Notebooks diminutive design.

    As for Gen-2, most likely Q1 2016 onwards.


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