Time Machine Saved Me

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Huntn, Apr 12, 2012.

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    I've been using Time Machine for some time now on my G5 and MBP. With my MBP it allowed me to transfer over my system to a new MBP (pre Lion) in about 30 min which was sweet.

    This morning I was running several apps. I don't know what happened exactly but my G5 running !0.5 locked up on me. No problem, hold the start button and force restart. Except when the computer restarted I got a ? with a missing System folder, then on a second attempt I got gray screen that would not go away, and finally a apple on a grey screen but the computer would not reboot.

    Using Restore Your 10.5 System page I worked my way down through the various possibilities, which by the way I added to the MacRumors MacOSX Tips & Troubleshooting Guide this morning.

    The solution that worked was to pop my System Install DVD into the computer to boot off the DVD, I ran Disk Utility but it told me I could not repair the disk, so on the Main Page, I told it to Restore from Backup (Time Machine). That took about 45 min to erase my startup partition and reinstall my System. At the end, I launched Disk Utility again, repaired the disk, repaired the permissions, selected my startup partition as my system, crossed my fingers, and restarted. The computer started good as new. I believe Time Machine saved me some serious grief. I have no idea why the force restart screwed up my System. It could be at the time I was running an antivirus program when it locked up... hmm. Since since the restore, I've run ClamXav without any issues so I really don't know why. I just know Time Machine saved me.
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    I've Been Saved Too...


    Simular experience.....

    A few month ago our internal HD in our iMac died..... RIP,,,,, I about croaked also.

    After I settled down a bit and my dog came out from hiding, I plugged in our external HD that has Time Machine AND Carbon Copy Cloner back ups...

    Restarted the iMac to the CCC back up and for about a week used it for our daily computer work like nothing was wrong....We live in Baja and had to order a HD,, takes a while to get "stuff" down here.

    When the new HD arrived I installed it, booted to CCC external, opened Disk Utilities, formatted the new HD, then used the CCC current image to image the new drive..... Re-booted and Bingo there was the new HD with all the current work on it.....


    Sweet,, we were back in business...

    I mainly use Time Machine for restoring a file or two from time to time, but I think CCC rules for a complete re-image because you do not have to mess with install disks or with Lion lack of install disks.......
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    I have used Time Machine a few times to re-create my boot partition after replacing my hard drive (both in my Imac and Mac Pro).

    Also, I set up my parents computer to use Time Machine years ago, and I have more than once been able to resurect a document that they deleted.

    Time Machine is the most painless backup utility I have ever dealt with. I love the hourly backups.
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    Been saved as well.

    But, isn't there always a but, I did learn the hard way that if you are using VMWare and it is using the Boot Camp install, none of those files are backed up. Lost some data because of this so now my VMWare install is no longer using the Boot Camp version. Actually since the reinstall I have not even reinstalled BC.
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    For Bootcamp back up, consider WinClone. You run it under the MacOS.



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