To buy the next iPhone, or not.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by manjaap, May 5, 2010.

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    I am currently a college student in St. Louis using a Blackberry Tour on Verizon Wireless. While I am really satisfied with both the phone and service, I am also frustrated because I see all of my friends with iPhones using great apps for both school and socializing which are either aren't easy to use, or are simply not available on the Blackberry. I have always been extremely tempted to switch over to an iPhone, but am extremely hesitant because of AT&T and their 3G coverage and quality (or lack thereof). However, I recently received a $300 Apple Gift Card which would allow me to essentially get an iPhone for free, but I would still have to pay an ETF to Verizon. All this has made me begin to consider more seriously about switching over to AT&T, and if I do I am definitely going to wait until June for the new model, but still I do have a couple of questions. First, are the features of the new iPhone going to be so worth it that I should leave Verizon and pay the ETF to join AT&T? Secondly, what differences will I see in my service when using the iPhone in 3G area and is the AT&T 3G service area expected to grow? Lastly, I have read the WSJ article which says that Apple maybe developing a Verizon CDMA iPhone which may come out September, so if this is in anyway true, when would you expect an announcement like this to be made because I would certainly regret if I bought the iPhone in June and then in September the Verizon iPhone comes out.
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    First, learn to break stuff into paragraphs, makes things easier on the eyes than a wall of text.


    1. They are always worth it. Also, now even more that we know iChat and something else extra is stirring up.

    2. Have you tried AT&T in your area or have you gone by what others have said? Test the network yourself. Also, the network will get better now that AT&T is deploying the fiber and ethernet backhaul over all their cell sites.

    3. That is a rumor since August 2007, it has never and will not materialize any time soon. Specially with Verizon attacking AT&T and the iPhone in their ads.

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