'Today at Apple' Expands With Over 50 New Sessions Focused on Skills, Walks, and Labs

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    Apple Stores are getting a series of over 50 new Today at Apple sessions for 2019.


    The new sessions, being added to the Today at Apple page alongside the announcement, relate to Skills, Walks, and Labs.
    Today at Apple launched in May 2016 at Apple Union Square in San Francisco and expanded to Apple Stores worldwide a year later. The program offers free, hands-on creative and educational sessions related to topics such as photography, videography, music, coding, gaming, and art.

    An example of an existing session is the Photo Walk, in which an Apple employee guides a group of people on a walk while providing iPhone photography tips. Another is the Kids Hour session Maze Challenge that tasks kids with programming Sphero robots to navigate a maze on the Apple Store floor.

    Today at Apple also incorporates lessons from Apple's free Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curriculums and tools such as Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, and the Swift Playgrounds app for iPad.

    Speaking at an October 2018 event in Brooklyn, Apple's retail chief Angela Ahrendts said Apple Stores have combined to host over 18,000 Today at Apple sessions per week, with the help of over 70,000 employees.

    Article Link: 'Today at Apple' Expands With Over 50 New Sessions Focused on Skills, Walks, and Labs
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    Apple: it's not just the products, its a lifestyle! \o/ \o/ \o/
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    Sounds like a smart move. The customers will be more dependent on the products and the skills that they have acquired functioning within the apple products. The customers will also be more tightly locked into the apple eco system. It will also provide validation to the customers that they made the 'correct purchase' and not experience buyers remorse.
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    The apple products, including the iOS devices are great for creating. Its so disappointing seeing and reading that people simply use them to consume content.
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    The City of Brotherly Love
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    Apple really doubling down on the feel good gobbledygook. Eh whatever makes their marketing department happy I guess.
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    The usual folks I see with Apple products don’t even look like that crowd.
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    The others make sense, but why are they leaving the building to show customers how GarageBand works?

    GarageBand tutorial: First, carry all of your instruments to the park...
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    I am interested in a FaceTime session. I don't use Android because I deeply care about my privacy /s
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    Well it does help some people and makes them happy too, so I don't see the problem. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Wait a minute. . . they are all holding iPad minis . . .
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    Apple Today Ad: Professional creative giving amazing insights and tips learned over years of rising to prominence in their profession.

    Apple Today Reality: A teenager giving insights and tips that they just learned on a 15 minute training video.
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    I spent a couple days at the Chicago michigan ave store over MLK weekend, and the workshop people were just talking through a microphone to themselves, no one was paying attention. Without bathrooms, though, you can't really expect people to head to the Apple Store for activities.
  14. Erehy Dobon, Jan 29, 2019
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    I don't know if this is some attempt at a joke but I'll answer this.

    Apple commits a fair amount of time and resources into the Sessions program.

    • Developing the curriculum
    • Training employees
    • Setting aside time for employees to run the classes for the customers
    • Dedicating resources: a couple of tables, largish monitor, projection equipment, amplified headset and speaker, etc.

    There are probably ten one-hour sessions on an average day, so they are paying these Geniuses and occasionally outside contractors to work those hours.

    So yeah, it would be an incredibly stupid waste of time and money if nobody showed up.

    Anyhow, I have attended a couple of sessions myself. Both were on a weekday late morning and both times I was the sole attendee. This allowed me to basically enjoy an hour of personal training each time with a Genius about the topic at hand based on my interests.

    The first session was an iPhone Intermediate class and we covered a variety of topics and it eventually drifted toward photography and videography. The instructor himself was a photography/videography buff.

    The second session was recent: a Taking Photos on the iPhone session. I learned photography on 35mm film cameras over twenty years ago, so I didn't really need much in the way of photography fundamentals, but I was curious about the capabilities of Apple's built-in Camera app versus third-party apps. We covered those plus some image editing basics.

    The most interesting new session to me is the one where they cover editing photos on a Mac, a course that did not exist. Apple's Photos app for Mac OS has steadily added features and better functionality over the past few years so I am interested in learning more about this app that I have long relegated as a crippled tool primarily for filing.

    I'm a bit baffled by this. Maybe Chicago customers are different than those in the SF Bay Area.

    The Sessions are designed for people seated at one of the wood tables and a reservation is typically required. In fact, I think the table-based sessions are capped at 6-8 people. It's not just a bunch of soundbites that anyone randomly walking by is going to learn from. The amplified speaker isn't there to reach out to the entire store, it's there so the people at the back of the table can hear (the acoustics in Apple Stores are really poor with all of the hard surfaces and no acoustic panels).

    In fact, Apple probably doesn't want a throng of thirty people around a session designed for 6-8 people. Do you think the people who registered for the class are going to be thrilled if a couple of random passersby take up all of the presenter's time and attention with their own personal questions? No.

    These are one hour sessions. I don't really understand why anyone can't handle their biological needs before or after. Again, maybe this has something to do with those who visit Chicago Apple Stores. I can sit for an hour. Hell, I've been in all day meetings and training sessions (with breaks of course).

    I'm pretty sure most Apple Stores have bathrooms. The signage is not prominent.

    For sure, the Palo Alto Apple Store has restrooms that customers are allowed to use (back left, up the stairs; elevator access available for disabled people). Again, perhaps the Chicago Apple Stores are different.

    I hope this answers your question and brings some clarity to the previous commentor's remarks.
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    Apr 22, 2015
    Couple things of note - these today at Apple series talks are given in front of the giant monitors, where folks are supposed to sit on the wooden seats and gather in a community - these are not the one-on-one events that you're speaking about. You can see in the picture attached to this article the wooden seats I'm talking about.

    As for the restrooms, we plunked a grand on an iPhone XS, spending close to 2 hours there (after spending a couple hours the previous day there), getting the iPhone configured and set up, and as we were about to leave, we asked to use the restroom, and they directed us to a Starbucks down the street, where we had to buy something to get access to use the restrooms.

    So I think they should either make these apple stores quick stops, or if they're going to make them inviting and want people to come to them, they're going to need restrooms.

    See this story:

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    Jun 30, 2015
    They are pretty cool. I went to the sketch for new iPad Pro and after the trainers impressions and that of group we had hands on with Pro Create app..
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    Hey Apple, here's a tip:

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    The last time I was at an apple store, yes. There were a lot of people doing a class at the time. Some of them look interesting enough that I would do them. And some may be good for my kids.
  19. Erehy Dobon, Jan 29, 2019
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    Erehy Dobon

    Feb 16, 2018
    My most recent Session was just over a week ago at the Palo Alto Apple Store and I assure you that the one-hour course (Taking Photos with the iPhone) was held at one of the wood tables (approximately 10 feet long) with taller (bar height) stools, so the table would have accommodated maybe 6-7 people (including the instructor) comfortably. The monitor fit on the desk without protruding so I figure it was somewhere between 27-32", nowhere as large as the one pictured in the photo.

    The Palo Alto Store does have an area in the back of the store that resembles the photo, but that was not where this particular Session took place.

    It was designed for 6-7 people, but since I was the only registered attendee, it ended up becoming a one-on-one session.

    It's likely that the Apple Store sessions are held in locations suitable for the number of registered attendees and that some of the courses are better for smaller groups rather than larger ones.

    Bigger is not necessarily better.

    For education, sometimes a smaller group size is more effective.

    For sure, I would not want to take an iPhone photography class in the 400-seat chemistry hall where I attended college. For iPhone instruction, it helps to be able to see the finger gestures since the device is so small.

    Well, you're quoting a nearly six-year old article.

    I assure you that the Palo Alto Apple Store (including the original one at corner of Kipling, a.k.a. "Steve's Store") has restrooms that can be used by customers; I used it before this recent session. I made no purchase that day.

    I have used the restroom at both Palo Alto stores several times and I have never been told to go to a nearby coffee shop (there are plenty in Palo Alto).

    Again, maybe the Chicago Michigan Avenue Apple Store has different policies based on their clientele.

    The Palo Also Apple Store is actually quite small and Palo Alto really doesn't see much in the way of tourist traffic like a store in a large city (New York, Paris, London, etc.) would see.
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    Wild West
  21. Erehy Dobon, Jan 29, 2019
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    Erehy Dobon

    Feb 16, 2018
    I'm sure they have. After all they included their own YouTube app in early versions of iOS.

    Don't you remember? The icon looked like a cathode tube TV in a wood cabinet, not the YouTube logo.

    The point is that these Sessions are interactive and conversational. The instructors can tailor the curriculum to the actual attendees' interests. They can also answer specific questions.

    That's not something a YouTube video posted three months ago will help you out with.

    The Apple Sessions instructors appear to be empowered to go outside of the curriculum if it relevant to the general topic and is helpful to the person asking the question as long as I don't prevent the instructor from getting through the course material for other attendees.

    In my two recent Sessions, both times I was the sole attendee and thus both times the instructors were happy to turn these into one-hour one-on-one tutoring sessions. Was I lucky? Perhaps although often it is good to see how other people are using their devices, perhaps in ways that I had not considered.

    That is very difficult to do watching a prerecorded video that is following a strict script.
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    Today at Apple: Facetime bug allows others to secretly spy on you!

    Today at Apple: How to turn off Facetime!
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    Just like when a new device launches and the Store site goes down...New Today at Apple sessions are launching so the site is down
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    "Walks"? I'm already dodging enough cell-phone zombies, their heads buried in the screens of their gadgets, as I navigate the crowded city sidewalks. Now Apple wants to encourage more of them? o_O
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    Kudos to you for taking full advantage of such an amazing free service offered by Apple!!! I’m sure you will continue to enjoy all the amazing new sessions they’ve added!!!
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    They aren’t like that at all, you should attend one and see for yourself

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