Took the Tim Cook path to a new watch

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by finnns2000, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Thought I'd share my story. I was a pre-orderer of the AW and woke up at 3 am to order it. Fast forward almost a year and there's been 3 days I haven't worn it. The only problem I really had with it was the smell, the sport bands combined with sweat produces a funky smell that I'm sure the metal bands don't produce.

    Anyways, I was cleaning the underside of the watch with a lightly damp cloth and ran my nail over it to get rid of some residue. To my surprise, engraving starts to wear off of the thing.


    Unreal. $400 watch and less than a year. You could feel the engraving surface change as you ran your finger over it, something that shouldn't happen in a quality watch. I end up emailing Tim Cook about it, talking about my concerns with the quality, having taken extra care of the watch. Time went by and I figured nothing would come of it, but to my surprise, Executive Relations calls me the next week saying he saw the email and that they wanted to get this resolved.

    Fast forward to a couple days after, they set me up to have it looked at, at a Genius bar, and the Genius hadn't seen this happen with the AW. Read the notes in the back for a little, and ends up replacing it with a new one for a swap. That's it, no questions asked, a brand new watch in my possession and a renewed one year warranty.

    Happy customer, and it's experiences like this that make the Apple ecosystem the best in the business.


    Happy Friday folks
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    Don't forget you can wash the bands (and the whole watch, if you like). I rinse off all my other watches, whether they're $50 or $2k, and I won't treat my Watch any differently.
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    Yeah I need to stay on top of that with this new one
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    Glad to see you received good service. My wife's steel Watch just had the back unglue, so I need to send it in.

    My steel Watch has been in the shower about a zillion times at this point, as well as in the swimming pool several times, and I've had no issues. Oddly enough, my wife doesn't wear hers in the shower, and her Watch back fell out. Go figure. I guess it's possible that oils/sweat are more damaging to the Watch than getting it wet from time to time, by my evidence is purely anecdotal.
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    Cool but unnecessary as this is a known manufacturing defect and you could have simply taken it to the Apple Store or arranged a replacement online. People take the Tim Cook path when the Apple Store refuses to remedy the situation or they're not satisfied with the solution.
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    Beautiful story. So many stories I've read just like it. And people really think a company that provides this level of support would really stop supporting the supporters of their first venture into the wearables market by stopping the updates to Watch OS, just 1 or 2 years later? People paying over $1,000 for devices that are going to completely stop working in 2 years and the recent news that you'll be able to sync multiple watches to one phone?

    Not gonna happen.

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    Apple charges high prices so they can make themselves look good by replacing defective products that some people follow up on. Not everyone has an Apple store close by. Nor do they want the hassle of dealing with it over the phone. It's too bad Apple doesn't get it right before they ship it. Once upon a time they did, but that was costly.

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