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    I've made an attempt at creating a tool that will help anyone trying to decide which service provider to use for their iPhone 4s. I tried to make it as customizable as possible to fit your situation. I created it in Numbers and I tried exporting it to Excel but it doesn't work at all. In order to use this as it is, you need Numbers.

    You make selections from a list of what is important to you in a plan, then rate each of your choices a number value. I designed it to work around a total of 100, so lets say you want signal to count for 38% of your choice, and the price to account for 20%, and other various things that will total to the value of 100.

    You rate each provider from 1-5 using the number of signal bars you get in your area (data from friends phones in the areas you frequent).

    Then you rate the throughput of the data speed you would receive from each provider (data also must be collected from friends). The way you rate is also percentage based, lets say you get 3mbps download on your 7.2mbps connection, that would come out to 42%.

    The form automatically adjusts the values and shows a 3d bar graph as well as a precise number score for each service provider based on your personal preferences in a value between 1 and 100.

    Currently the price area I have includes the amounts for 2 iPhone 4s, 32gb models on Unlimited Family Plans. To get accurate results for your situation you must visit each site and input the pricing from similar plans into the form manually.

    Further suggestions and criticisms are very welcome.

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    File is safe. I just tested it.
    The power hidden behind Excel/Numbers never ceases to amaze me.

    Good job!
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    There is also the subjective non-quantifiable data that helps decide between carriers such as customer service quality, branding and future prospect appeals.

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