iPhone Transfer WhatsApp chat data from iPhone 4 to 7+


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Nov 30, 2018
Hey iOS 7 squad, I need some advice since I need to transfer my WhatsApp data from my iPhone 4 to my new 7 Plus.

Here's my thread https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/icloud-to-icloud-drive-data.2157979/

Let me resume a little bit: I can do the WhatsApp chat history backup (from the app on the old iPhone) but on the new one, it asks me to turn on iCloud Drive because "it can't detect any backup because iCloud Drive is not enabled, but there may be one...". The iPhone 4 uploaded the chat data directly to iCloud but if I enable iCloud Drive on the new device, my 4 will become unusable with iCloud since iCloud drive can't be turned off and it's incompatible with iOS 7 or previous and I don't know if the 7 will load the documents and data without issues, or if the app will read it and restore the chats succesfully...

I tried with PC apps like iMazing for iPhone but it fails finishing the upload of the .ipa file to the new phone. Also tried contacting the WhastApp support but they seem that they don't want to help you, stating that "they can't do it for you...".

Don't know what to do, these chats have some important stuff about work and I really need them... and WhatsApp is telling me that in 25 days I need to upgrade the app and I can't do it since it is only for iOS 8 or later... Help!