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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Huntn, Nov 4, 2016.

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    I've got a 2011 MacBook Pro with Yosemite installed and a BootCamp install running Windows 7. It's backed up on a Time Machine HD. I bought a new MacBook Pro which will be arriving in a month and am looking at options for transitioning my data over to the the new Mac. There are several issues.

    • Time Machine- I assume there is an option to transition the Mac data from the Time Machine backup to the new Mac. I need to research the steps to do this. Anyone know off the top of their heads?
    • Bootcamp- My understanding is that this new Mac will use a updated version of Bootcamp that may not be compatible with Windows 7? I'm thinking Windows 8 and 10. So is there a way to move this data including the Windows install over to the new Mac's bootcamp partition (after I create it)? I do have both Winclone and True Image. I suspect if the newer version of Bootcamp is not Windows 7 compatible this means I'd have to start from scratch and install everything from scratch? Looking for steps on the best way to accomplish this.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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    Migration Assistant can copy the data from either. When you choose Time Machine, then you can ‘inherit’ the Time Machine backup history as well.

    As for Bootcamp, Apple does not provide drivers for all versions of Windows for each device. For instance, the latest MacBook Pros will only work with Apple’s Windows 10 drivers. Ideally, you should install the version of Windows that your MacBook Pro supports and then look for Windows-specific solutions to migrate the data from your other computer. It is probably for the best to do it that way, as Windows does still have some issues with full system upgrades.
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    When you setup your new Mac it will ask if you want to copy your files from somewhere (other Mac, Time Machine). Just point it to your TM backup.

    Bootcamp no longer supports older Windows versions than Win 10. But you can restore an older version of Bootcamp from your Time Machine backup and try to use that to install an older version of Windows. I'm not 100% sure if it works, but I did successfully create bootable Windows install USB drive for Win 8 with an old version of Bootcamp. To restore files to your Windows installation, use some backup method on the Windows side of things. I think Windows has some kind of backup feature built in.

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