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Apr 12, 2001

Twelve South today announced the launch of the Forté, a charging stand that is compatible with Apple's MagSafe Charger.

The stand is designed to house the Apple-designed MagSafe charger, so you will need to supply your own. The MagSafe Charger fits into the arm of the stand, which in turn slots into a heavy metal base.

Twelve South sent us a Forté, and the base seems to be heavy enough to keep the iPhone in place when you remove it. Since you're using the standard MagSafe Charger with this stand, it charges at the full 15W speeds.


The MagSafe Charger cord is routed behind the Forté, but it's not possible to keep it entirely hidden, so keep that in mind. The base can house your AirPods or iPhone when not charging, but it does not have charging capabilities itself.

What's nice about the Forté is that it has an adjustable head, so the angle of the MagSafe Charger can be adjusted. You can move it where necessary to get a good view for FaceTime calls, or turn it all the way upright to make a charging platform to charge the AirPods with the Forté.


This upright angle should also work for charging older iPhones with the MagSafe Charger, even though it was clearly designed for AirPods. You can use this charger in either landscape or portrait mode when using it with a MagSafe-enabled iPhone 12, and it is easy to remove the MagSafe Charger if you need to take the charger on the go.

The Forté can be purchased from Twelve South or from the Apple Online Store for $40. It will also be available in Apple retail locations.

Article Link: Twelve South Launches 'Forte' MagSafe Charger Stand


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Jul 14, 2005
The brilliant part about qi is that the charger doesn't have to be heavy because there no mechanical adherence.

Qi is superior for a charging stand. The Magsafe puck is cool if you need to charge and talk on the phone. A magsafe stand makes no sense to me.
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I like the fact that more companies are realizing that with MagSafe, it’s more functional to have a stand than it is a flat desk puck-style charger, whether it’s for desk use or bedside table. But as others have noted, the pricing for this 12 South stand is ridiculous. I understand that they have to build in multiple layers of margin in order to be able to sell these things into wholesale and retail, but they’re going to disappoint both consumers and retailers when people find knock-off versions for half the price.
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Apr 8, 2006
Expensive, but I ordered one. I have a Magsafe charger, that I don't really use. It is slightly annoying putting the charger on and off. I think I'll like it a lot more on this stand.
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Sep 13, 2015
Now if Apple could finally release a MagSafe charger with a longer cable, then we could actually put all these nice stands into the places we would like to put them. ?


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May 3, 2011
Upper Midwest
Now if Apple could finally release a MagSafe charger with a longer cable, then we could actually put all these nice stands into the places we would like to put them. ?
Right?! I had to buy a male-to-female USB-C extension cable for my MagSafe charger to use it at my work desk... simply because I don't have a power strip immediately right next to me. It's soooo short.


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Jul 25, 2017
The vast majority use phone in a case which makes all these accessories near worthless as the magnets though the case are not strong enough.
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