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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by CooperBox, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Today I've been swapping out a Combo Drive for a Superdrive and increasing memory in my 700Mz iMac G4 in preparation for resale.
    I'd found 2 Hitachi IDE Superdrives in a thrift shop, one marked up 'ok' and the other 'serviceability unknown'. The models were GSA-H11N and GMA-4164B, both for 5 euros. Decided to install the latter and hope for the best. A little later when completed, I realised 'Murphy' was at play with one of his infernal 'rules'. The iMac powered up ok. The larger inner memory stick was recognised ok, and the GMA-4164B burner showed up in the hardware panel. However it wouldn't read anything, CD nor DVD. Damn!
    A number of French curses later, and back to square one, the drive was removed and replaced with model GSA-H11N. When next powered up, everything performed beautifully.
    Now I have someone interested in this iMac, and I've honestly mentioned the shortcomings of PPC's, but also their usefulness as we know it. The person just called asking if it is useable for Twitter and FaceBook?
    Never having used either (and never intending to), I had to answer that I hadn't a clue!
    So to the main point of this post. A rapid look through macintoshgarden, indicates Twitter WDT client. Is this something I should download/install as a plus selling point for a prospective buyer?
    And could anyone please give any advise on an application for the use of FaceBook?
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    I would suggest Safari for Facebook/Twitter.

    There are some older PowerPC apps that deal directly with the two sites, but the APIs are too old.

    A Fluid app could also be made using a modern browser user agent.

    I would NOT suggest TenFourFox for Facebook/Twitter. Just really too heavy on the javascript.

    PS. You cursing in French.

    Some how I have an image of you as this guy - cursing politely of course! :D

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    You should have luck using the mobile versions of these sites. You could set up a dedicated browser with an old phone user agent or use TenFourFoxBox. If you use TFFB, you will have to manually edit and insert the correct prefs file, I outlined it here:

    The bonus of doing this is you can give the app a custom icon so it will appear to be a Twitter or Facebook app.
    I will add I've only tried this on machines at 1.33Ghz and above but I don't see why it wont work (only slower) on your iMac.
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    Thanks to you both for the feed-back/advise.
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    Regarding looks, sorry to burst your bubble, but one day I'll change into a handsome prince.......

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    Like a few weeks ago, when I've got a WhatsApp message of someone not included in my Addressbook.
    When I looked closer to the avatar/picture I could read:
    "NO PICTURE. But I promise I'm beautiful ..."

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