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Apr 12, 2001

Social network X, previously known as Twitter, may soon offer more than one subscription tier. Code in the app suggests that the Premium offering could be split into three, including Premium Basic, Premium Standard, and Premium Plus.


Premium Basic lists "full ads" in the For You feed, while Premium Standard says it has "half ads" in For You. Premium Plus says there will be no ads in For You. Given the specific mention of the For You feed, it sounds like all of the tiers will continue to have ads in replies. Revenue from reply ads is used for paying content creators on the social network.

At the current time, a Premium subscription is priced at $8 per month or $84 per year, and there is no word yet on what the new tiers might be priced at. There are also no other details on the differences between the plans or launch information.

Article Link: Twitter May Be Planning to Add More Premium Tiers
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Oct 27, 2010
Twitter's model is so extremely easy to rip off, the USERS are creating and posting the content are the benefit, not the service itself.

It will be ripped it off as users migrate to a free service - obviously hasn't happened yet (e.g. - Threads) but it will if Twitter goes full subscription mode.
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